So Many Apps, So Little Time

July 13, 2010

I was bopping along online yesterday and I come across an article for an App by the name of Avoidr. The idea behind Avoidr is for it to assist you in steering clear of people who's path you don't want to cross. iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry users rejoice. We now have the beginnings of the Anti-Social network and a way to take stalking to a whole new level.

Now, I’m a BlackBerry boy myself (Apple cult followers don’t try to convert me!) and I have a handful of helpful 3rd party Apps taking up space. MyGayGo helps me find LGBT friendly businesses when I’m out of town. GoogleMaps is great when I’m deep in neighborhoods I don’t know well. Especially when I’m doing the well earned walk of shame at 7am on a Sunday after one on one time with a hot Daddy. The Fandango App is perfect when I want to check the time and place of a flick on a whim.

But do I really need an App that tells me where that Leather Daddy who’s bondage skills rate about negative five (found that out the hard way) is tonight so I can make sure I’m not around? I’m man enough to nod my head in greeting and keep it moving. And why the hell am I keeping track of people I don’t care for anyway? Sounds sort of ass backwards to me guys.

So, what Apps do you use and can’t live without and what Apps do you think the time creating would have been better spent watching paint dry?

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I don't use any apps, and I think my life is better off without them.
No complications or wasted time on unnecessary distractions....
Apps are just a marketing strategy. They fail to impress me.

Many of the apps created are purely for financial gian, and find a niche market.

personally, if I want an app, I will create one myself for android, the kit to do so is free..

and If I really find I need an app for the iphone.. I'm sure I can geet around without it, like I did before smartphones & pda's were thought of.

all I need is a phone with txt capability and I'm happy.. and yes, I do have both iPhone and android phones too, along with windows mobile :) definitely not a technophobe :D

Shazam - used for identifying songs on the radio that I don't know but like.

GayCities - lists Gay and Gay friendly businesses in new places that you might otherwise miss.

AroundMe - uses your GPS location to list businesses and points of interests (restaurants, gas stations, atm's, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, parking, etc) nearby. REALLY comes in handy in a new city, or when traveling.

Beacon - come in real handy in large parking areas such as theme parks, leads you right back to your starting point.

U-verse TV - controls my U-verse from phone.

Pandora - Internet Radio

Bump - instantly trade info and pictures from 1 IPhone to another.

Red Laser - barcode scanner that gives you prices on any item scanned.

Amex, Paypal & Fedex Mobile ... keeps me on the go with a few simply buttons.

G r i n d r - need to find the closest gay man in your proximity ... there's an app for that too ... gotta love it.

Part of the disfunction of the modern social scene is that we can't seem to just say "yes" or "no" to anyone. Instead, you get a lot of "I am just mean and standoffish to everyone". lol

Tell them when you're interested and when you're not interested, boys. It's easier and cheaper than any apps.

Ok, Apple aside, what are great sites for apps?? Good or Bad, you decide, I'll browse, if you don't mind. Have A Droid phone, for those that it matters to.

I have Droid phone and the 64GB touch IPOD for long trips by airplane but you need an accessory external battery that fits the IPOD like a glove and extends battery life. I think the companies name that makes the external battery is "MOPHIE"

Another device to make us obsessive, or distracted. Example.. devices can make ones life easier.Well I bought a cellphone a while ago. I realized I lived most my life without one, and the earth still revolves and the sun rises. Needles to say I save $ without one. I would rather watch paint dry or watch a infomercial! Thank goodness I hate soap operas. A true indication of the revenge of the body snatchers LOL!

People have them, people don't, thats life, pro's and con's, like it or not they are part of modern life and here to stay, but for Pete's sake, please don't hate something you don't like or understand, or is not your brand. Ok, some use gadgets or anything to be in with the "must have" crowd, thats not cool, just another advertising insecurity of some kind. What IF?? Your a DH regular and are able to check your messages on the move with a smartphone and a DH app? Come to think of it, why is there not a DH App?

Imagine, you met your lover with the help of an app mentioned in another post? Most people are here on DH to meet and socialize, so if it's possible on a computer, why not a smartphone?

Use it as a flashlight when coming to the door at night
Get your e-mails on the move
Track your dildo delivery with an App
Order a Pizza
Check your flight times
Pay your bills
Dump boyfriend with an e card
Tweet and let everyone know your in Darkroom with lots of lube!!!

(Like it or Not)

There's always two sides to any debate. The first is that people don't need to know who or where the gayiest man or franchise is near. Life is just the same without that kind of app. I love the entertainment of apps that bring trivial to virtual onto mobile. It is what it is and we all have our own niche

Now I got all my porno in my pocket. Whats with the non-replaceable batteries though and creating more landfill than ever before with the portable gadgets that go obsolete every 3 months. Launching the garbage into space might piss off some other more intelligent life though.