Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo and Hello Nahum Zenil

July 6, 2010
Category: The Arts

What a pleasant surprise to power up my trusty computer this morning and have the Google doodle remind me that it is the 103rd birthday of one of my favorite artists : Frida Kahlo. In 2008 I saw her work up close for the first time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and like most cases when you can see something you have revered up close with your own eyes, my admiration for her only deepened. What's better then a rebel without a cause? A rebel with one.

Earlier this year, I was turned on to the work of Nahum Zenil. Openly gay and a strong advocate for the LGBT movement in Mexico, he also has this knack for simplistic and raw self portraiture but with a style of his own. Here is some of his work.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Nahum Zenil at QueerArts.org / Nahum Zenil Show Review

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huh,,!!! he's good..!

Dale Chihuly, The only artist that has ever brought me to tears with the beauty of his work.

love the saint sebastian. i did a photo shoot with that theme and it was fun.

Today is also the Dali Lama's birthday!
Hello Dali!

All the men and women in the first image called "Retrato de boda" have the same face. It's that way in many art museums where faces are much the same from painting to painting. Boston Museum of art is a good example.