Hairy vs. Smooth

July 7, 2010

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"Flickr user ttyyttyy555 loves fur so much that he spends his free time photoshopping it onto hot, hairless models. Since he leaves the unedited photos up for side-by-side comparison, can we finally say that one is better than the other?

If indeed the only change he makes to these models is the addition of a few pixilated follicles of hair, you have to admit that the transformations are pretty incredible. We've long professed a preference for hairy guys, but we never realized quite how dramatically a little chest hair and a mustache can change your entire look. Ultimately, the amount of body hair you think looks best on a guy comes down to personal preference, but we think there are a few cases where one look or the other is definitely best. What do you think?"

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Hair on the male of our species is the secondary sexual characteristic that makes "male" a MAN. Just as at puberty, the penis and testicles grow dramatically, so do the hair folicles in men.

Those that are "follicularly impaired" I don't happen to find sexually attractive, as hair/muscles define the male physique.

If I wanted a smooth, lithe person, I'd hook up with a woman. Which I would have absolutely NO problem in doing, however, being a gay man, I'm drawn to the MASCULINITY that I associate with men: hairiness, muscles, deep voice, etc.

This is just MY opinion, but when I read the gents' profiles on here, and they're looking for a small, thin, hairless person, it's like they're looking for a woman with a dick (??????????). Again, just MY opinion........which I'm entitled to, without being barraged with negative comments about MY PERSONAL OPINION.

Traditional psychological thought states, "Attraction is subjective and can't be analyzed."

Just because someone's attracted to a less hairy, smaller stature person doesn't mean they're looking for a woman with a dick.

That being said, I too have an attraction for furry companionship, and being 6'5" most men are smaller in stature than me, which by a strange coincidence is also attractive to me.

So where are all of the 5'8" furry guys at? LOL I guess if I was given a choice I'd take a masculine smooth guy over a feminine furry guy, so what does that say about attraction? LOL


I'm 5'8 and furry, tall one!!! ;))

i totally agree with you. I don't get all these flitty guys shaving themselves either. Do I have to find a lesbian or a str8 man to find masculinity?

I do not consider myself feminin in the least. I do not have chest hair and at 45 yrs old I really can not grow a decent beard. that does not make a woman. I enjoy playing sports, camping and other manly things. To assume someone is feminn if they are not a bear, wolf, or otter is morally irresponsible

You are correct. Maybe the people who use this site have not heard of genetics!

For me, it depends on the person sporting or not sporting hair. Traditionally, A HAIRY CHEST IS A TURN ON. But it is NOT attractive at all on Austin Powers and Borat. LOL. It's like a very manly body odor can be aphrodisiac coming from select examples but it is NOT tolerable coming from just anybody.

I love how you don't want to be barraged with negative comments about YOUR PERSONAL OPINION, but you don't mind insinuating that

a) those of us with less hair have less of a "male physique"
b) men who like their guys with less hair are somehow "gay-impaired" in that they're actually looking for women with dicks.

If you don't want somebody to respond negatively to your comments, try being less negative in them.

The fur really outlines those muscles, woof!

It doesn't work. Since its "faked" it looks unattractive. Plus, whoever heard of a hairy Asian guy?


You are right in the fact that "most" Asian men are hairless, however, I have met some very, very hot Japanese men, who are hairy, sot there is always the few exceptions. I think we need to be careful with the generalities or stereotypes. Just my opinion.

There are PLENTY of "hairy Asian Guys"..........

On the northern most island of Japan, the Ainu men are hairier than most Caucasian men.

Educate yourself on some of the other cultures that inhabit this planet.........

Well sorry if you have a bee up your bum because not everyone knows about Ainu men. Thanks for sharing your infinite knowledge with those of us who are not quite as cerebral as you.

That's quite VERY obvious. Go share that quasi-obeservation at a meeting.....And I'm sorry that you seem to have a problem with my intelligence. Again, go to a meeting and share.....

ahhhh yes...on the northern most island of Ainu there are hairy Japanese men...but how many of those men have you seen on a gay, sex website?

OMG...its Bruce Lee in "Planet of the Apes"!

Thanks, Christoph: I couldn't think at the moment of th e Ainu. But yes, that is who I was referring to. Also, India and Pakistan, etc, are also in Asian and those men are hairy as well. So yes, we do need to do our homework before we make generalities.

But back to the subject, I think hairy men are extremely sexy, as are smooth-bodied born men. For me the problem is, when men shave to get rid of, what as many have correctly pointed out here, "secondary traits of masculinity." I always wonder why a man would want to erase his manhood, except due to self loathing and societal homophobia. These are unconscious for the most part, so if you asked men who shaved their bodies why they do it, they would come up with "rational reasons'" at least to them, as to why they want to get rid of hair. Paying attention to what our real motives are in life can be quite beneficial, to say the least. Let's get to know ourselves as to improve our lives and equally improve the world. These are humble opinions of yours truly :-)

I'm in total agreement: The gents who "manscape" (read: TRIMMING is cool, but the "sculpting of chest/abdominal hair into a "heart shape" is pretty ridiculous (and from that word comes the word "ridicule".......give that some thought)

Gents that are born with the hirsute gene and PURPOSLY shave their body hair, I just DON"T get. Personal preference for them, I'm NOT knocking or making any disparaging remarks about it, I just find it a "prickly situation" (pun intended)........

True that. But we all agree that men generally are HOT, and the vast majority have a huge hardon for the muscular jock.

i am considered hairy for asian. could i have descended from the ainu tribe? (lo). back in the 80s i would not be attracted to anyone unless there is facial and chest hair. those were the days. i had left the Tom Selleck exclusive fan club many years ago. although, i find him still attractive, there are also others outside his category who are equally attractive. a booty material in order of my preference: masculine (but not annoyingly overly agressive), muscular, mature (not age related), hairy (just a bonus).

That is always my first assumption about Asians. But I was once with an Asian who was very hairy...which is my preferance.

In this particular case it does not work, because Asian men are just not hairy and usually have sparse beards.
I do like bearded hairy well muscled men though. But I would not turn down a smooth bodied attractive man either

First, I am a Hair Queen. I love the look, texture and feel of body hair. I, irrationally, equate it with masculinity. Like many Hair Queens, I, myself, have little body hair.
Having expressed my preference, I have also had incredibly hot sex with guys like myself or, even smoother. In my mind, smooth or hairy, hot men are hot men.
I also see a connection between men who are hairy and those who are portly, i.e., the Bear phenomenon. There seems to be a preponderance of Big, hairy men, particularly as we age. While I do prefer the body hair and will engage a solid Bear, those who are flabby, out of shape and overweight do nothing for me no matter what the amount of body hair. For me it is a health issue as well as a preference issue.
As a man who cultivates his health, no matter what my age, I realize and appreciate that it takes a concerted effort. I find, as time goes on, there are fewer and fewer guys of my own age (64) with whom I can interact sexually either because they are out of shape or they are not attracted to me because I am no longer young. My own sex partners are, invariably, younger than I am, but not by any preference on my part. I have attempted to cultivate men of my own age, but, once again, they have a preference for younger guys. It is frustrating because I do know a few nice hairy men my own age with whom I would happily cultivate a sexual relationship.
Oh well, my younger guys keep me happy and I appreciate them. But, it would be refreshing to be with someone to whom I could relate more personally.
Hmmm...I have segued from hair to age...

it should be noted that this guy steals and then alters other people's photographs without permission or giving credit where it's due (and then claims copyright for the stolen goods). no matter how interesting his editing (and it is sometimes pretty cool), he should not be receiving international attention for digitally altering stolen copyrighted material. for example, one of the men he's stolen from is David Goldenberg (, a respected and published photographer who I am notifying immediately. unless Daddyhunt thinks it is okay to steal, this blog article should either be removed or amended with information about the theft.

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal."

I would think that "almost" anything found on the net that does NOT have a copyright notice on it is fair game for editing. There is a law that says if you change something 40%, you can RE-Copyright it, although I doubt THIS picture would qualify for the 40% rule.

Chickenmilk, thank you for pointing out the copyright issues involved here. If any member or copyright owner feels that his rights have being violated by Daddhyhunt, he or his representative should send a notice to us in writing to letting us know which images are problematic. In the interim, we will remove this image from our site.

How is he "stealing" anything? The original photgraphers still have their photographs. This argument is silly. Maybe he's violating copyright laws (which I consider bullshit), but I couldn't care less if he is.

Now, as to hairy v. smooth: I prefer hairy , but I don't kick anyone out of bed if they are smooth. However, I do not think any man naturally hairy should shave.

so, stealing photographs is okay with you so long as the photographers have the original content? I dare you to try and claim a copyright on any photos by Mapplethorpe and avoid the lawsuits... after all, his estate still has the photographs, right?! stealing is stealing, no matter how you or anyone tries to rationalize it.

and given no argument was presented, no argument is silly. I simply pointed out the fact that this man STEALS copyrighted material, edits it, and then claims a copyright. digital or not, he cannot just take other people's copyrighted work and then claim it as his own. that is theft whether you like it or not.

and your opinion concerning copyright law is completely irrelevant. given that Daddyhunt is a commercial site, they must pay attention to the liability, accountability, and negative public image inherent to promoting what they now know is stolen material.


a wonderful example precisely promoting my point. the Mona Lisa is NOT copyrighted and thus subject to fair use and subsequent derivative copyrights. the photographs this guy edits and then claims a copyright on ARE copyrighted; that information is verifiable on the original photographers' flickr profiles and/or websites.

most people are not educated about copyright issues to begin with-so trying to make them understand why they can't 'just do whatever they want' with someone else's work just confuses them and pisses them off. most people don't even know WHAT a copyright means or is anyway-and they don't want to because everybody is taught they should have it all for free-and usually the ones carping loudest are the ones who if you asked THEM to work for free would be up in arms in a heartbeat. Last time I checked the power company still weren't accepting good will as payment for keeping my lights on. why so many people think they astounding.

I totally agree!! If ya got it, WORK IT baby! It's the man that counts.... hairy's cool,.. smooth is cool.

If you got it, great, if not, that's fine too.
Tragedy: Men who have a nice pattern of it and shave it. Nothing gives me the creeps worse than being pricked by body stubble.
It's OK to be hairy, guys. The whole world isn't L.A.

What is the point of a world in which there is only ONE idea about what we should look like? When did gay people get so stupid as to assume that a hairy chest and a deep voice have anything to do with what makes a man masculine? To spend their whole lives wishing they had been born into some other, more ideal, superficially masculine body, some comic book clone? I long ago stopped wishing I were somebody else. This is a childish, stupid exercise -- filled with self-loathing and perverse and damaging in the worst sense. These men don't look better -- they just all look alike. It angers me enormously to know that a community which outwardly celebrates diversity has become fixated on one or two superficial attributes and decided that these are the only things which make a man acceptably a man. Grow up, boys. Grow the fuck up.

Amen Faithful!! It never ceases to amaze me as I read the profiles of guys on gay meeting sites. The requirements are so incredibly specific; certain height, certain hair color, very narrow age range, hairy chest, hairy ass, hairy legs, etc. The superficiality of it all is insane!! The question becomes, where does this all come from? Especially, when many us were discriminated against for who we are, never mind what we looked like. It suggests to me that it all comes down to just plain sex in the end. What physically turns me on? The important things that go into a relationship, be it a friendship or more, do not seem to be even considered anymore. Character, integrity, honesty, trust, and compassion take a back seat to a hairy chest or a big dick !!

I will be the lone decenter here to say the first (un-retouched) photo is WAY more attractive AND
I would like him MORE if he SHAVED his face!!!

There are many hairy Asian men, but I prefer the smooth, clean shaven, slim ones.
We all have different things that turn us on and overly "masculine" guys are not what I find attractive at all.

Um, yeah... the first thing that comes to mind is that ttyyttyy555 has way too much time on his hands.

Interesting work, but I have to go with the first pic as being so much more appealing to me. One commenter made it sound as if hairlessness goes with fem bodies. That is so not true. I like muscled men a lot. My ex had a gym-worked muscled body, but without any body hair except in the pubic area and underarms. Even his balls were hairless, which is very nice to lick and suck on. A lot has to do with the fact that he's latino and many latinos, due to their Native American ancestry, are very smooth. I'm just glad that some hot, smooth hunks like him are attracted to hairy older men like me. It works out nicely!
And, keep liking that hair, those that do.

the hairless one is more appealing hands down

Am I wrong or did the Photoshopper turn a beautiful bodied man into a chimp?

Asian's will never have that much fur ... PERIOD! LMAO

For the one who says a smooth guy is a "woman with a dick" is full of crap. There's also a guy who calls himself a "hair QUEEN" who claims only "hairy" is "masculine". Anyone get the irony??
I'd take a smooth masculine man over some hairy "queen" any day.

smooth...yes. Hairy...better! ;)

Interesting 4 sure.

To me it doesn't really matter! All sorts of MEn out there and even if i did HAVE a preference I am able to appreciate the smooth bods to the hirsute ones! it's all very good! i mean a hot dude IS a HOT DUDE regardless of body hair!

I'm struck by the ease with which ill feelings are generated in the discussion. Such nastiness!

There's no need to dictate eroticism. 'Chacun a son gout' applies more to sexual attraction than to any other domain of life.

The only truly wrong thing when it comes to sex is when you can't have what you want. For the rest, enjoy.

Hairy, definitely.

Also, some of you guys need to just chillax.

A man wih out furr is a woman with a dick !

First, the hairy Asian is too hairy. Maybe less would do. Call me a racist, but Asians are beautiful period, and usually have those wonderful smooth swimmers' bodies.
Second, I am hairy and it gets in the way! I am constantly washing the stray hairs down the drains, vacuuming, or just seeing them where they shouldnt be! Then, since I am also hairy on my back (and dont like the Missing Link" look) I am shaving it off about once every five days. Yes, I tried laser. Guys, there is a wand you can buy to attach to your razor (is a good thing as Martha Stewart would say).

I agree wholeheartedly with faithfulheart.
I'm 6' tall and only clock in at 148 pounds, but I change my own oil and brake pads, tune ups, have disassembled a car down to the frame and rebuilt it, refurbish old jukeboxes, use tools, get dirty...
Most of these guys with the giant, worked out hyper masculine bods only do it to look hot at Starbucks and circuit parties. OK, we get it, you're a man.
Done anything butch besides LOOK butch lately?