Get in on the Freshpair “What’s Sexy?” Contest and Win Free Underwear!

July 23, 2010

Hey guys! Our friends at Freshpair have put together a contest just for us. Five lucky winners can get some cool underwear from high end companies like Expose, 2xist and Piss & Vinegar.

Here’s how it works, leave a comment telling us what sort of underwear floats your boat and why. Do Trunks make you hot? Are Jockstraps the only thing you want your lovers to own? Does the vision of a stud in Long-johns leave you drooling? Are you the classic Boxer type? Or do you like to be surprised with a variety?

We will pick 5 lucky winners randomly on Monday. Remember you need to give us the what and why of it to be in the running. Sorry but the contest is only open to US residents. Good luck and have a great weekend!

Tags: Gay Culture
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I like a variety of underwear but boxer briefs have that mysteriousness to them. You can see a little something but leaves a little room for imagination too.

A muscle jock in boxers is hot, but what really turns my eye and "piques" my interest is a muscle jock in a bikini pouch brief or pouch thong..that tells me whether or not theres a nice package waiting for me....

In the later years of High School, a bunch of us guys had a free period(no tampon jokes please) Anyway, we used it to play Soccer, a few of our teachers joined in too, one day, one of them came into our changing room as the staff changing was locked, he was right up my street, but it was not until one of the other lads shouted in a mocking fashion " Arrgh Y Fronts ", i turned around and there he was, white Y fronts and nothing else on, there i was secretly imagining what was underneath, enjoying his curves and his bulge, and to this day i remember seeing that, Mature guy in white Y's always knock me over, every time. To me, at the time, sexiest thing i ever saw.....Hmm.

I like mostly dark colored briefs like Hanes briefs with no front slot. It just looks sexy, tight and clean cut (easy access too - pull to the side and go to it, LOL). Shows off a nice butt and crotch well. Boxers, especially silk ones, are hot because you get that shaft 'n ball bounce, and you can peek a butt line.

I can't stand white briefs or long johns. They look like [filtered word]s and start to get nasty looking over time. Some guys never throw them out!

My favorites are briefs... not silk but SOFT material that hugs the cheeks of my bum and holds and excenuates my buldge... they feel super sexy and they are a pleasure to wear and to be felt in

I like soft red shorties on me bum for sure. I think the ones I have on in the picture might be the freshpair brand but have so many that am not sure. oops. Shorts by "Ginch Gonch" are kewl too with the Texas horns on the ass all ready to nail the backside good and hard.

I have always liked the sexy latex/spandex mini bikinis, that leave little to the imagination, especially the newer ones which are cut so that the cock is beautifully, and prominently displayed. Second to that are the sheer bikinis and thongs, which look great whether they display every detail, or those which add just the right translucence to become even sexier, and leave a bit to the imagination. All of these look even better when there is a muscular bubble butt suggestively detailed!!

As long as you have a toned or muscular body, you need to have a pair of underwear that accentuate the contours of the area it covers. Underwear shouldn't look to slutty nor should it cover up so much that anyone looking at you would ignore viewing that area. Gigo's Trunks and Low Rise Briefs are some of the hottest new styles out there. And don't forget to check out Evolve by 2xist, found at none other than Target!!

Briefs are it! Not so tighty nor whitty, white for workdays, black for going out at night, and a nice color or design sometimes. I'm also very into the metallic elastic on the waistline. Those are hot.  Something about the filling of fresh soft cotton hugging mypackage that does it for me. It fills secure and in place, and it kind of caresses here and there nicely, and if myself or someone else touch it gently or firm, woof! Here comes goose bumps, and up! Haha! And if my lover would wear jockstraps all the time I'd have to be on some kind of power juice to keep up with how much sex we'd be having.  Hey, do I think briefs make mr look hot? Check my profile and ask mr to unlock my "privets", then, you tell me...

I love jockstrap...sweaty athletic jockstraps that frame an ass and hug a package. I always wear a jock at the gym (get some looks in the locker room) and guys go nuts if I'm wearing one and they get my pants off. Jockstraps are masculine and sexy...and fun to stink up and shove in a guy's mouth (they love it).

Bikini briefs rule!! The way they give contour and suspend the package just works for me.

I definitely love to see a guy in boxers... But personally I prefer to wear boxer-briefs. They are comfortable and provide support, while they also are form-fitting enough to be really sexy ;D

Short trunks keep my boys forms a perfect pouch...and because I have frog legs the shorter length doesn't ride up on my thunder thighs.

I love briefs they make everthing feel like they are in the right positon, boxer just make me feel wrong,lol.

I like a sexy daddy in briefs, enough to know he has something in the package, but not enough defintion to know what. Imperfect guys are the sexiest, and they can get very turned on when a pro knows how to bring that package to half mast.

White boxers. Nothing sexier. So classic. I really like small white support briefs, like you'd wear to the gym (I do!), but still nothing better than crisp white boxers. Oh yeah!!

Boxer briefs are great. Hold you tight, keep the mystery going until the moment of truth arrives as they ..... oh, never mind. You all know what I'm talking about.
Whatever the style or brand, the fun part of underwear is the mystery it keeps. There are just some things that are best discovered in the setting of a few candles, low light, and slow removal!

Boxer briefs are the way to go... just enough of a pouch to water the mouth, a band of definition around the upper thigh and a hugging fit around the back. What could be better than that?

Solid colored boxer briefs. They look so hot on a guy and even better on the floor! lol

Nothing is hotter than a big Bear Dad in a union suit, not practicle for warm weather, boxer briefs are hot, you can see Dads basket and I love the piss stains on white underwear that Dads been wearing!!!!,

variety has ,is ,and will always be my choice in underware...... and men too! lol

I like my men to have a variety. Half the fun is getting the guy undressed to see what kind of underwear he has on. And to see if my secret guess of boxers or briefs was right ! Which I usually am.

i get the most compliments when i'm wearing a jock, particularly the way the straps frame my hairy crack.

Nothing is Sexier than a man in a thong. Visually, it is usually always flattering and sends a message that the man wearing it is always ready for action. Boxers and briefs are nice, but a certain body type is needed to really get the most out of wearing them. Colored thongs are the way to go for any man any time. I recently purchaced my first leather thong and have gotten many positive responces from admirers. For me, a thong brings the viewer's attention right to the business zone and gives the impression that it is definately ok to stare at the package!!!

There are two conditions of men in underwear that makes me salivate like a rabid beast. (And gentlemen . . . let us understand that it's the MAN that makes the underwear and not the other way around.) First, the Y-back thong. When a man with the perfectly round bubble butt nestles the bottom portion of the Y between his luscious globes . . . it's a work of art that would make Michelangelo cum. Therein lies a bit of mystery in that you wonder exactly how far that piece of fabric has delved into the crevice. It beckons for one to explore. Secondly, the nostalgic red union suit. You know . . the one worn by cowboys and lumberjacks. Envision the scene . . . the rugged, hairy-chested man's man gets ready for his weekly bath. As he sheds his outer layer of clothing, there lies the red union suit that hugs his body from chest to ankle. From the top, he slowly unbuttons revealing the reason why he's called a bear. The action ceases as he begins to unfasten the last button. Above it lies a dense jungle of pubic hair that wreaks of man-scent. Below it rests the coveted basket that makes him the man that he is. Your eyes revel at the fullness of the basket as you ponder what all is contained therein. Immediately your eyes reverse the exposed trail and peer upward at the vast forest on his abdomen and chest and then your eyes meet. You're caught in your act of lusting. You try to look away but your eyes are drawn back to the red union suit as if by a magnet. Our man's man displays a devilish grin.

(To be continued . . . )

personally i like a jockstrap it allows access and viewing of a fine ass and when the cock is hard it peeks out from beneath -- then I can lick it and the butt without any effort

Boxer-briefs... with just enough elastisized fabric to really hug the buns and frame the basket.

I like classic briefs for everyday wear...white is great, or a solid color with contrasting band for some variety. In warm weather, I like kicking around home and backyard in a pair of filmy boxers - I have a pair that's got a dark-colored pattern...unless up close, no one know they're not running shorts (I think?!). More and more, I wear them into the backyard, then end up stripping out of them...gotta love nude!

I like seeing a hot guy in a solid-colored pair of to see how things move (front & back) beneath the thin, clingy fabric. And a very muscular man in snug long johns, most of the buttons undone - whew! that makes me light headed!

I have a HUGE underwear fetish so all types get me going but personally I love Briefs and JockStrap type to wear and play in....Tight Boxers on a well built dude will always catch my eye also....I do wish thongs would fade away tho...hate the look, have never tried them on and don't like to see men wear them!!!

Always something great about a snug fitting pair of underwear. In fact, I find a guy in his underwear more attractive than a guy with nothing on at all. A snug brief or thong can really get my motor running :)

love the way a jock strap frames out a man's ass cheeks and lifts his cock and balls up on display front and center :-) if going for "full coverage", I like boxer briefs with elastic in the legs so they don't bunch up in the crotch and a pouch to support my balls ... usually wear black ones

I like boxer briefs because they're a lot more interesting than regular briefs, but more importantly form a hot little (or big) pouch that flops around. accentuates the butt, too. but then again, with a big enough package, ANY type of underwear looks great and face it, they all have to come off sooner or later..

Just about any style of underwear works if they are of the "European cut". The center panel not only holds everything in place, it accentuates what a man has and feels wonderful on. When a man looks good and feels good it shows in the way he presents himself to the world.

Variety is the spice of life. Underware just has to fit. Saggy misshapen drawers have no sex appeal.

Constant change and Variety in styles,cuts, and colors are were its Happening! Same with Jocks. Red Ones,Blue ones,Black ones,Yellow ones(Jocks). Underwear should be a mix of Joe Boxer types to a sexy pair of Calvin Kleins. French cut,Bikini,Low-rise Briefs are the Sexiest unless you have a Big Cock like me and are forced to wear a Larger Pouch version to Hold it All in! I'd be a Great Underwear Model! Woof.............
Remember,Keep em Changed Everyday,Something New & Sexy Always. Variety is the spice of Life!

Classic white briefs mmmmmmmmmm

The best underwear are the retro runner boxers. I love the piping and the cut, especially when they are snug. Something about the retro look is just HOT!

The sight of a jocked pouch emerging from a pair of jeans always makes my heart race. A musclely ass with the straps framing in a tempting 'V' can get me interested instantly--and when he adjusts the waitband by innocently sliding his fingers in and circling his waist with either hand, he has my full attentions....but I've said enough.

As for me, I like fitted boxers. Enough room to grow in, but enough support and strength to keep your cock against you,a nd not get into an embarassing situation at work. Plus, on the right guy, beefy calves fill the leg hole nicely. White makes it all look pure...........even though it's not! ;)

But a jockstrap is what to wear to the gym or yoga!

Sexy slider briefs in red, firm enough to display your manly trophy, but comfortable and soft enough to wear all day long. Nothing is more sensual than seeing those jewels encased in ruby red in the evening, and makes one yearn to open your package to see whats inside.

Shorts that are flimsy enough to be ripped off the bum can add to the Tarzan/Boy excitement where getting it up the bum in ripped shorties is more exciting than no shorts at all. Same goes for ripped shirt and ripped jeans as it adds to the wild feeling.

boxer/briefs have a little mystery mixed with a bit of a show

love a man in boxer trunks....if it fits shows everything......i myself have a pair..........NO COMPLAINTS that saying from that old comercial....."ITS WHATS UP FRONT THAT COUNTS"

Tighty Whiteys. Nothing sexier than a well-built, goodlooking guy pulling his britches down to reveal his white cotton briefs. So clean. So classsic. SO HOT!!!

Love the look, cut, fit and feel of AussieBum skivvies. The pouch design shows a package off "just right; especially like them in white.

I really love boxer briefs, & jock straps teh way they fit and make me feel..........

What's "underwear"??? I wear none, myself.........

The type of underwear one wears definitely shows off ones personality. It's like they say "each dog resembles his master". Briefs are attractive on an athletic body, and give of the vibe of youth. As children, most of us wore briefs and in turn, wearing them as an adult shows youth in age. Now if wearing full briefs, that's another story.... ;-)....Boxers can let you know the wearer is either into no support, or he's too cool to show off some curves.....Boxer briefs are the unique exception where they have the comfort and support of both, mainly seen on athletes, or guys that are fast-paced and on the go....Jocks are just too damn hot on the right person! Black, white, and other colors on the right figure can make any heart go a flutter! Still don't understand the thong thing, tried it out and it felt like buttfloss...still those that wear thongs are self confident and open to who they are. What kind of underwear do I wear? Pick your choice from the above. Depending on the day, any of these will be on my frame. Go get underweared!

Boxers are good for hiding lack of curves too.

ilike to wear boxer trunks with some lycra in them , they feel great and look great,also. classic black is my personal choice, but,enjoy seeing others clad in fun colors and stripes.