62 Year Old Paul-Andre Fortier Takes on the Elements

July 15, 2010
Category: The Arts

I just read this article in the current issue of Time Out New York and feel inspired. Choreographer Paul-Andre Fortier is in the midst of a world tour of his solo performance "30x30". A 30 minute piece performed outdoors for 30 days, the story is that of a man trying to find his place in the city. He has danced in the streets of Japan, France, Rome and will be in New York City dancing rain or shine at One New York Plaza starting on Friday the 16th.

Some interesting quotes from the article :

"There are not enough older men dancing. I think there is poetry in the aging body that is very exciting. "

“This solo is the most demanding thing I’ve done. When you dance on a stage, you are protected; when you’re outside, the sky is so high! For me, it’s been a learning process about focusing. I’m doing it all wrong. Dancers fight for a sprung floor, for the right temperature in the theater and for having a day off. I dance on concrete. I dance in the rain and in the cold, and I have no day off for 30 days.”

I think I have a new Crush.

Fortier Danse-Creation

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Dancing on concrete is more demanding so its more of an athletic accomplishment than prancing on a theater floor that automatically bounces you back up while wearing spandex. The only thing easier to bounce on than a theater floor would be a trampoline.

Truely feel that to dance like no one is watching is the best way to feel free.