Watch Soledad O'Brien's "In America" report: "Gary and Tony Have a Baby," June 24 at 8 p.m. ET

June 24, 2010

Gary Spino and Tony Brown have fought for gay rights all of their lives, but these days one of the most radical things a gay person can do is form a traditional family -- and that’s precisely what they want. We follow Gary and Tony on their struggle to have a baby that has a biological and legal connection to both of them. They spend a small fortune hiring an egg donor, a surrogate, and face a string of court battles. But all the medical miracles and legal maneuvering can’t guarantee the approval of the people around them… or even a baby.

Watch the special tonight and then let us know what you thought of it by posting a comment here.

Full CNN Trailer / CNN : Gay in America

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Gary was my first gay friend. We met in college back in 1982. He's a great guy and I would totally expect this from him. He deserves to be happy like everyone else and if Nicholas is his goal along with Tony then great! You have to really want a baby to jump all those hurdles. You can't stop love


I really enjoyed the show. My partner and I have been together for 20 years as well. We decided about 11 years ago to have a baby. We didn't quite do it this way, but still ended up with the same end result. We now have a wonderful 10 year old daughter. Unfortunately, in Florida, gays can not adopt. I am listed as the father on the birth certificate and her last name is hyphenated with both of ours but my partner really has no legal ties to her. Never-the-less, she is "OUR" daugher!
No matter what way a gay couple gains a child, it is totally out of love. Any hurdles jumped are well worth the end result!


God bless you. And your struggle. You will be remembered as pioneers. Best of luck to all three of you!!


Glad to hear guys and women are doing this. We all want love and families in our lives. We will never see Gay marriage unless we break all the bias against gay adoptions, especially in Florida. keep up the great work guys!