Oh Daddy, The BUTT Towels Are Here

June 22, 2010
BUTT Beach Towels

BUTT Magazine has teamed up with American Apparel to send us to the beach with sexy and fun beach towels in tow. It is like being a kid in a candy store picking which one you want to roll around in the sand in or who to dry yourself off with by the pool.

Seriously, it is wonderful seeing these models from BUTT on products that are introduced into the mainstream. I am all for it and I like to show my support because the more we do so, the more we will see it happen. American Apparel takes the heat for a lot of internal issues (and external if you know anything about their campaigns) but they get points for partnering up with what I think is one of the neatest print publications for men around.

So yeah, hint to my boyfriend, my birthday is coming up and I expect to see a Devin towel wrapped up in a bow.

BUTT Magazine / American Apparel / New York Magazine

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FYI.... a portion of the money from the sales of these towels go to the Ali Forney Center which provides housing for homeless LGBT youth.

The owner of American Apparel is a psycho, media whore. He proselytizes about using US labor, but his labor is American (usually minority) kids in sweatshops in LA.

Fuck him, fuck his company, fuck any moron who is impressed w/his shit.

Why are homos so easily impressed w/anything that conveys sexuality? Rhetorical question.

A few things pertinacious...

a) I don't know any owner of a multi-million dollar company who is not a media whore/psycho to some degree. It sort of goes with the territory.

b) It is not "his shit" to be impressed with but rather "BUTT Magazines Shit" being that this is their concept/creative/models etc.

c) It is not the sexual nature of the imagery but rather the Daddy/Masculine/Real Man type models that were used that is impressive and appealing. The fact that it is sexy is just icing on the cake.

Hey, Devin! What are you doing there...? Nice to see you on a beach towel!

i want one daddy can i can i i've been good all year!!!! just practicing for XMAS

The American Apparel guys is a misogynistic scumbag with a thing for barely legal girls. I've written for BUST magazine for about 15 years and AA won't advertise in it because it's a feminist magazine. Also the 2 guys who run BUTT mag. are rather full of themselves. Look at their obnoxious submission guidelines. Wow, more 'Sex Sells' in advertising. Why would anyone who has a clue think this is a cool thing and be impressed by this?

Hmm.. Do the guys who run BUTT magazine have nice BUTTS?