“MEN CAN: Entertain with Style & Ease”

June 7, 2010

How many times have you been to a great party and wished you could entertain as well? I'm talking about really entertaining by giving your guests something delicious and presentation just like a professional caterer. With a little effort and planning you can make your next gathering one your friends will rave about for a long time.

My name is Herb and I've been a member of Daddyhunt for three years. I am a NYC based Chef, Mixologist and Event Planner. Every month or so I'm going to give you ideas and tips to make the most of your next get-together. So Daddies and Hunters - Get ready to entertain!

Entertaining Basics :
Lets start with the four basic principles to help you impress your guests and have more time to enjoy yourself as well!

Simplicity - Don't try to be too elaborate. Keep it simple.

Focus - Keep the menu and drinks limited to seasonal elements.

Organization - Prepare in advance. Set up drinks in one area, food in another. Keep seating away from refreshments so there is not the constant temptation and away from music to encourage conversation.

Themes - Themes are really fun if done properly. They can be campy, elegant and/or sexy among other things. The key with themes is they need to suit the location, mood, occasion and guests. For example; now is a great time to celebrate the beginning of Summer or the opening of your weekend place with a get-together.

Cocktail: Herb’s Pear & Sage Mojito
Keep the bar simple. Beer, Wine, Standards like Vodka, Gin, Rum and mixers (OJ, Cranberry, Cola, Diet Soda, Club Soda.) To impress your guests, feature one specialty cocktail like my Pear & Sage Mojito. To save prep time, it can be prepared in advance by muddling the fresh ingredients (pear, sage and sugar) and storing it in a container with a lid. Just spoon the right amount of the mixture it into your glasses (1 full tablespoon for this Mojito) as needed.

What You Need
1/4 fresh Bartlett or Anjou pear, peeled and seeded
2 fresh sage leaves

1 1/2 tsp. cane sugar

1.5 oz. 10 Cane rum

2 oz. seltzer

1/8 fresh Bartlett pear slice pierced with sage leaf, for garnish

How To Make It:
Muddle pear, sage leaves, and sugar. Add ice. Pour rum over mixture. Top off with seltzer and garnish.
Set up a dozen or so glasses on the bar so you can easily fill and serve these or have guests help themselves.

Now that we have the libations ready to flow, let's move on to the food. When it comes to the food you make for your guests, plan on offering 3 to 5 different Hors d’ Oeuvres for a small group, 4 to 8 for a larger gathering. Make sure to include at least one vegetarian choice and avoid things that may trigger allergies (like nuts, eggplant or shrimp.)

On the Menu: Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto

With the transition from Spring to Summer, treat your gang to “Asparagus wrapped with Proscuitto” as an stylish seasonal hors d’ oeuvre. There’s a lot of flavor in these easy to make tidbits.

What You Need:

Fresh small to medium asparagus
Thinly sliced proscuitto

How To Make It:
Blanch (drop into simmering water in a low sauce pan) the asparagus till color is a bright green, remove and set into ice water to help keep the color and then drain on towels. Cut off and discard the lower portion, keeping the tender tips (about 3” in length). Cut each slice of proscuitto into 3 long strips, wrap each asparagus and set on a platter. Drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar.

Enjoy it guys. Feel free to post your comments and questions in the Comments section. Let me know how it works out for you as well as your own tips and tricks.


Herb's MAN-datory TIP:

A word on invitations. Depending on the size of the guest list, choose an appropriate way to invite your guests.

- Small groups of 2-10, write and mail your invite or make a personal phone call.
- Groups of 10-20, a phone call or email works, but the more personal the better
- 20-100 or more, email or Evite will be most efficient. Just make sure to add a personal touch.

Remember to highlight the RSVP so you have a realistic number of guests to plan for.

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Thank you so much for the information and I can't wait to try out your recipes. Don't know if you are interested in mine, but here goes,,, Make one cup of white sauce, to that ad 1/2 cup parmesan and 1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese. spread over toast rounds (let it drizzle over the ends even) and pop into the 400 degree oven til they brown and bubble, they are just as good room temp as they are when you take them from the oven, so you don't have to try and keep them warm. TO DIE FOR,, Just pump that cholesterol right in. Enjoy, and again thank you for your contribution to the Daddy hunt web site, very refreshing!!!
Russ Shinavier
SD, CA 91910

Hi Russ,
I appreciate you sharing your recipe with me and our readers. The Melted Cheese Toasts sound amazing. I will try them soon.
I hope you try some of my cocktail and food recipes as well. Best to you for your future gatherings.

Kewl stuff for sure.

So glad you like it ShyPup,
I hope you get to try some of these soon.

Herb, Thanks for the great tips. Here is one of mine. I plan my parties at least 2 months in advance and work on my menu. I set up everything on buffet tables and let guests serve themselves. I also serve make dishes that can be made ahead of time and served at room temperature. And I always make at least 2 chocolate cakes for dessert.


Delray Beach, FL

Thanks W.
Very good advice. It's always easier to set up a buffet for the guests. That way you can spend more time with your friends and less time fussing with the food.
Good luck on your future parties!

I have had the pleasure in having Herb's wonderful food & drinks. I will be using his recipes in the future .He truly has impeccable taste & he also happens to be a sweet handsome Daddy too.

Thanks Bratbear (gioboy)
Too sweet. I appreciate the endorsement. Hope to see you soon.
Big bear hugs!

And What Goes Great with Fine food???? Relaxing Rejuvenateing Music!
I play soothing original Piano music on your piano ( or bring a digital of my own).

the SoundWeaver
"Musc To Rejuvenate Your Soul"

One mans sweetness is another mans ______. Kewl Stuff for the right men for sure.

If you're hosting an orgy, please be sure the foods are put away before the condoms and lubes are passed around...