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May 14, 2010

While I might not spend more then a few seconds thinking about what I wear in the morning, and a few wrinkles in my shirt does not ruin my day, I enjoy looking nice. Now, don't go geting your knickers in a twist because I have a credit for the Tom Ford store for a birthday gift gone wrong that I'm looking forward to using and I stop by the Paul Smith store every fall to see whats new. I still love my boy, my beard and my brew. There nothing wrong with Daddy looking like he just stepped out the pages of a high fashion magazine once in a while is there?

I couldn't help puff up my chest with a little bit of pride when I heard about the Walter Van Beirendonck fashion show. With all the hoopla about fashion these days it is about time I see people like me walking the runway rather then some scawny guy with not a chest hair in sight. Check out the video clips courtesy of DJ Rotten Robbie.

Chime in if you want on the our Weekly Buzz topics and have a great weekend!

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Kewl stuff. Larger guys have warmer personalities on average. Im a simple skinny guy not into fancy pants culture or superficial socialization at all so not all scrawny smooth guys fit into the same stereotype. A little bit of pride is a good thing for everyone for sure.

I can appreciate the fact that any man wish to simply look good as he goes out for the day to do what he needs to do no matter what it is.
Yet I can honestly say that for me at least now-a-days haute couture is the farthest thing from this bears mind or evern wallet. But this is not to say or demean you in any way. I did that when younger and GQ Magazine was only $1.00 and I followed it religiously.

Now as a 50 year old man I do not even own a suit/tuxedo or even a tie. I am jeans and t-shirt guy now and even though that I can clean up decently. This is not for me and will never be. But for you as you stated something tells me that like the ole saying goes..."clothes make the man" and you most probably are the more beautifully built, hairy seasoned man of the world and no matter what you wear you will always make it look good and you will be photographed and places on the glossy pages for all the world to admire, appreciate and maybe oggole.

Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of us here and wish you all the best of luck.

There is nothing wrong with Daddy looking good as long as Daddy is doing it for himself. Simply put, if you buy a new outfit buy it because you like it and it makes you feel good and for goodness sake, don't ever ask the question does this look good on me, wear it and know that it does so the you inside can shine wether in a pair of cut off shorts and a tshirt or a full blown tuxedo.

I hate shopping. maybe not gay? lol I would order everything froma catologue if i was...acceptable. There is no Target in my aim, and all Macys means to me is floats... I do like independent bookstores, all 3 of them left in the U.S.A.

Theres no gay stereotype except in the eyes of Hollywood characterization. Have seen macho guys wear spandex indoors after having an image outdoors and knew a young skinhead one time who was a fashion queen. its all mixed up with no defined characters now. When it is all accepted then it will be just "whatever floats the boat" instead of any real issue to anyone as to how everyone gets excited.