Daddyhunt Founder in the Advocate "Forty Under 40"

April 13, 2010

This month, our very own Big Daddy and DH Founder was selected for the Advocate's prestigious "Forty Under 40" issue, an annual list of gay activists, artists and leaders making a difference. Carl is featured with City Council Member Robert Garcia, the lead singer of the Scissors Sisters, Jake Shears and "Biggest Loser" hot-trainer-from-hell, Jillian Michaels - along with 36 other out-and-proud young men and women working to mold our world for the better.

Carl Sandler
38 / New York City

Its name may seem salacious, but Carl Sandler says his five-year-old dating website,, is tamer than one might expect. “The whole idea of being a ‘daddy’ is owning your age. It’s a playful use of the word rather than some old-school concept,” he says, alluding to a connotation that means something akin to silver fox. Averaging a quarter million unique visitors a month, DaddyHunt is not for the money-hungry and their older admirers, Sandler says, but rather anyone who values maturity over abdominals. That definition includes younger guys seeking older men, older men seeking younger men, and the over-40 set looking for partners their own age. “My generation needs a place online that isn’t just about hooking up,” he says. So, is there a definitive age when a man crosses over from “hunter” to “daddy”? “I’m not a person fixated on a certain role,” Sandler says. He’s looking for a boyfriend too, and all ages are welcome.

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Congratulations! And well-deserved, it is a great site.

Congrats also.....and your ad profile name is what Carl????

Great website continued success!

My gripes are, why do some lie about their true age? Although they are accepted
here for being older! Posting a photo taken years ago as their main photo?

Not bad for a divorce settlement.

Congratulations Carl and continued success.

Congratulations for both the honor of being selected and for running one hell of a great site.

Congratulations Carl. are you having fun with this or what? lol

Dittos. Congratulations and well-deserved. Great job with the website, Carl. Dave

Carl....I'm available and my telephone # is (~-: woof
...okay, so I think your a handome man...we can discuss that further...if you like... (~-:

...found your remarks just about absolutely akin to why I have found a small niche here...
...I have been an advocate of this site since I trying to explain to people what you got here sometimes takes more verbosity than I'm already known for ! the end of my dissertation...I simply is a site that does not have an aggresive venue as do the others...
...and given the prejudices and contempts one reads elsewhere...that seems not to exist here...Now, that is not saying this is Nirvana and the people therein are given to sainthood.
...It does allow one to recognize and be recognized with the aforethought that ageism exist less here then there ergo wat...a user friendly place to...get to know one an other...
...and again phone # is....... (~-:
...congrats on the honors, be it the first or one of many, and surely, many more to come...