10 Questions with Dru Bruin

April 2, 2010

Let's give credit where it's due. Unfortunately Calgon never did much for me as far as taking me away, but a hot performer always does. Watching someone put on a good show relaxes and motivates me. My hat off to every confident exhibitionist who has ever taken to the stage.

When Dru Bruins path crossed ours at the DH Batcave, it was easy to see how he'd become one of the top scene performers and we had to take the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Here's a little something to hold you over until he comes to your town. 

1. Do you consider yourself a Daddy or a Hunter?
A Daddy. Not that hot older guys don't turn my head, but I love bottom guys who are smaller, shorter, and younger than me.

2. Tell us your work out philosophy and do you have any tips to share?
I typically train one body part a day, a kind of power lifting/body building hybrid. If there's an arena where "never give up" applies, it's working out. Setting small goals and sweating it out is key.

3. What is the most fun you've ever had performing?
The venues in smaller cities can be great; the guys there are eager to have a good time! I love it when the crowd is having fun and I can raise that energy a little higher. Seeing people enjoy themselves makes me feel good. If you look at pictures from the shows, you can definitely see all of me is getting into it!

4. You travel all over the world. Do you like traveling and what part of this big blue marble do you like most?
I'm always excited to go somewhere, anywhere, for the first time. I like checking out new places and meeting the people. As for places to return to, London is a favorite. I have a thing for British boys.

5. Out of your fellow performers, who gets you hot and is there anyone you would like to perform with?
That's a great question, and fun to think about! I've been fortunate to meet and share the stage with several performers I've admired. As for the future, I'd love to do a hot daddy/son scene, so find me a Dru Jr.!

6. How would you advise someone to break into the biz?
If you've decided it's right for you, focus on your strong points, celebrate who you are, and go for it. Be upbeat, reliable, and easy to work with. And ALWAYS be appreciative for your fans. You can't do it without them.

7. How do you feel about being called the next "Bear Icon"?
I'm flattered. There are so many fun, welcoming guys in the bear world, and I love being part of a group that promotes positive self-image.

8. What do you do when you are not entertaining the masses?
Most of my work now is connected to modeling and performing in some way now, so I'm always working on upcoming projects, planning travel, designing, or writing. I like the variety and creative stimulus that comes with being my own boss.

9. We understand that you sell soap products on your site which is great since we feel so wonderfully dirty when it comes to you... How did you get into that and do you make it yourself?
When you have sex a lot, you have to clean up a lot! I designed the packaging and products, BEAR BAR and CUB SCRUB, and I have them made by a small local soap maker. I wanted to try my hand at designing and marketing a lower priced item with a sense of humor.

10. What do you want to accomplish in this life?
I want to live and never take it for granted. I'm 40 now, and I know a lot of guys who didn't make it this far. I want to have as much fun as I can being me.


Learn more about Dru Bruin at http://drubruin.com and catch him at these events:
April 7: Westside, Atlantic City, NJ, April 17: Merlin's, Binghamton, NY, April 30: The Eagle, Atlanta, GA, May 29: Hard On, London, UK, July 23-24: Detroit, MI, August 17: Exile, Columbus, OH

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dam nice

just saw ur comment ---tks--pretty hot urself there bud love to eat those shorts right off ya

very cute/sexy/hot !

Loved seeing Dru at Exile (Columbus) a few weeks back. Can't wait to have him back in August!

What a stud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr


I'm not British, but I'd be his boy/son any day. So hot!


YOu are a handsome and hot man..Im your fan...woof....i have a dream with you babe

Just...Wow.....i'm breathless and speechless!


nice post , but you r not my type , i like with a little more or less hair , less strong and of course more older , with some gray hairs :) Me hunter , love versatile Dads , preffer more top than Bottons Daddies anyway greetings pal, pretty nice

so you comment on Dru's post just to complain he's not your type and put out all the things that turn YOU on....you already have a place for that, its called your P R O F I L E.

As for Dru, I know from several sources the man is as nice as he is sexy, so he's very VERY nice, and that says a lot when talking about porn/erotic performers. Wish there were more like you Dru!

OMG - there are some hot moments here just waiting to happen.....
Oh Dad........make me smile.........

hmmm...bet you could lift me up with one arm! :-) I'd love that!

I find really sad that Vancouver never invites any of these hot sexy men. I would love to meet and greet Dru Bruin. I would be fucking awesome to meet him. I hate it that we are left out of these hot sexy fuckers. They go everywhere but here.

Admiring glances from the UK here xx


I have a silly question... what does he actually do? The "article" mentions performer / entertainer, but what does he really do on stage? Thanks!

Wow. What a DADDY! He makes my heart melt. WOOF! -Chris

wow! can i be DRU JR?

Kirkub - saw Dru perform in AtlCity NJ, stripper/dancer... so F-U-C-K-I-N-G HOT! Sweats when he dances, I licked the sweat from his belly and rubbed my beard in his pits... smelled him all night long... WUUUUUF!

Met him last night at the ATL Eagle. What a super guy! Friendly, approachable, great sense of humor. It makes him all the hotter!