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March 19, 2010
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Hey guys, we recently made a couple of changes to the logged in home page. We made these changes as a direct response to members who asked us for a LARGER thumbnail option for browsing profiles. We couldn't fit larger thumbnails into the who's online frame so we decided to make better use of the logged-in home page. We also wanted to give members a local view of members online in their area to help increase opportunities to connect to other local men. You can still filter the results in the upper right hand corner, but the default is always local. Since these changes, members are reporting getting more messages and views so we're very happy with the results. If you still want to use the other Who's Online view, just navigate off the logged-in home page and you will be set.

We also added a new section called Events on the logged-in home page to keep you all up-to-date with local events that may be going on in your area. We are in NYC and our events module shows the Black Party this weekend. We are all going and hope to see a lot of Daddyhunt members there!

Beneath events is a section for updates from us and new additions to the blog. On the blog we are going to start posting more updates and do a better job of keeping all our members and supporters up-to-date on the things we are working on so there will be fewer "surprises" in the future. We promise to stop changing things without explaining why we are changing them.

The new format for "Who Viewed Me" and "Take Action" allows you to hover over the image with your mouse or trackpad and see that user's details before clicking on the image. Try it out for yourself.

Thanks for sticking with us through all these changes. It may take some time, but we promise to give you a better platform to connect with other hot men.

The Daddyhunt Team

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