Improved Email Notifications & Condensed Home Page Sidebar

March 16, 2010

Hi guys! Starting today, we'd like to keep you in the loop about feature additions and changes to the site. We are constantly working on refining existing functionality and adding new features. Here is what we added today:

  • Improved Email Notifications: Per popular requests, we added external email notifications for internal messages. Meaning: When a user sends you a message on Daddyhunt, you will be notified according to your email notification settings. In addition, email digests include direct links to the members that sent you the message.
  • Home Page Sidebar: We want to make sure you know what's happening on Daddyhunt, so we tried to condense the sidebar on your personal (logged-in) home page. As a special extra, you can now roll-over the profile photo icons and event names to get more information.

We hope you enjoy the new features!
The Daddyhunt Development Team

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I don't like the new features. The people who look at my profile are exactly the people I want to know more about, immediately. Miniscule photos and information that doesn't contain location does not do the trick.

There's plenty of advertising all around DH concerning the blogs, and the only important element is the author, not the subject matter. There are good bloggers and bad bloggers. So your "extra information" is useless.

Please restore the larger version of "those who viewed me". How you want to incorporate the blogs is your business, but stop "improving" the site by deleting important information.


I agree 100%

2 thumbs DOWN on this new FORMAT !! Booooo

I miss the old DH ...

I blame facebook !!!! blagh

I wish you would go back to the previous format. I hate, HATE, H-A-T-E this new and (so-called) improved DH. I cannot access members who I wishto contact without going through an entire list of people I deleted. I hate the small photos. The info re: blogs and advertising others have already mentioned are the same issues I have as well. In fact, I find there is too much adverts here. YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT WELL ENOUGH ALONE!

I happen to like the new features (even though I'm new here).

Unless you go to the site home page, or all the way to the bottom of any given page, there's actually very little in the way of advertising to distract.

Thank you for providing more value to the experience . . .

yup the new layout and features are good. Good to see a website move with the times and not sit on it's arse and go stale.

Yeah I am not a fan of the new format either. Before if I was logged in, I would get message updates automatically. Now with the new format I am always having to click on the Daddy Hunt Logo to see if there is a new message or I find that I am logged out! I don't know why the old format (complete with larger views and more information, like LOCATION of people- I like to see if a buddy or favorite has moved without having to click on their profile) was changed. As for Buddy and favorite- I still don't know the difference. This has been decided for me with all my prior contacts and I look at the "buddies" online or "Favorites" online and wonder how each person fell into that category."If it isn't broke..."

we need a sound(not just a blinking mail icon) notification of new mail.

The new "blog" addition to the home page is annoying. Please get rid of it.

Chage is NOT always good.

I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the new site, blogs, features etal...Congratulations, now look and operate just like every other lame website out there. Too bad...the uniqueness or your old site was the real appeal.

I am a new subscriber. I agree that a sound would be helpful to notify us of incoming e-mail. I don't understand Dashboard. Sometimes it appears, but I find no listing to help me open it. I too find the distinction between Buddies and Favorites and am confused as to defaults on each, e.g. ones will appear to other people. The large amount of space devoted to Recent Blog Posts and Topics is not welcome unless it can be turned off or minimized.

The single most important feature that I find superior to other sites is unlimited ability to send messages. Another good feature is the ease of finding locals. So far, the users of this site appear to me to be above average in verbal abilities, and I have not encountered rudeness here. Best wishes to DH Development Team and to the members you have managed to attract.

I too prefered the larger "who viewed me" , it was much superior to the new format!

Bad, bad, bad if this stays then will just delete my profile. It seems the majority of changes have been to heard folks in to becoming supporters. Fine, but just be honest about your intent rather than trying to present it as an "improvement} or using the airlines favorite term "enhancements" as they downgrade their service.

Majority rules, and if it isn't broke... don't fix it. Half the features you're adding are useless to me and I'm uninterested. You're brainstorming too hard, seriously. Time to take a break and actually listen to what the majority of your users are saying. Afterall, without us there would be no DH.

Hi Guys, great job on the new site features, my only complaint is when I log off, the system still shows me as online for up to an hour (at least as of last week). Is this considered a feature or a bug?

quite interesting to read here...
and I can agree to some of them...wouldnt agree to others.

I love the new messaging system...took me a while but it is nice to have this threatbased system...I have to agree, it takes a while but I dont want to miss it now.

there are things that I miss though:

1) automatic notification of new messages. with the old layout I saw right away if there was a new message with this nice mail-icon. now I have to refresh and this is so annoying cause it totally blocks any fluid (if you can call it) conversation.

2) buddies and favourites...hmm...well, I get the idea but I dont see the point.
I really liked to see who has saved me...I dont see that anymore :o(

3) is there a way to hide the buddy-history...not for my buddies but my own...I dont think it is most of my buddies business to see who I added as favorit or buddy. I dont want to hear from friends "hey, who have you linked today and yesterday and the day before yesterday"...that should be private

Just curious, but why is it important that favs and buddies be displayed? I mean, most guyz sort of 'know' who's their fav or their buddy... and, as we all know, neither is necessarily a 'forever and always' deal, guyz being guyz and all that : ). To me that's sort of personal. Besides, I'm not always keen about a buddy knowing that I'm 'on'. Kind of creepy in a way. Not that there's anything to hide from. But really lol. Anyway, I'm just a passenger in steerage, sometimes wondering what's it like up there in First Class, or even in Second Class. But otherwise, I can't complain: )

And ps, the 'dashboard' feature is pointless when you look right above it and can see how many msgs you have, buddies and favs are online. And I agree also w/mainframe that buddy-history is no one else's business but your own. I've been talking to a nice guy, exchanging a few messages and then he sees that I've 'favorited' someone and I get the "Ohhh, I see you added 'so-and-so' as a fav. Guess you like him more than you like me?" WHAT IS THE POINT?!? I doubt that most guys log on here to read blog after blog either. Some inevitably will, but who cares!! Now one thing I happen to think is an interesting feature is the 'Topics'. It's an broad list of things I'll probably check out ... but I'm not seeing too many changes I'm liking. One day I log in and the site is completely different and messed up the next day. It's just annoying!!! I loved the original format, then you changed it. Naturally...

If you want to mix things up a bit and keep the site from becoming stale, keep the changes SUBTLE. One thing that would make the site better would be if you had an optional color swatch where users could choose what color they want their homepage to be.

Make your changes and call it a day already though.

Thanks for all the responses. We are very open to hearing about general feedback regarding site features, but would appreciate if the comments to this post are responses to the actual post itself.