New Site Launches This Sunday!

January 28, 2010

We are thrilled to announce that the new Daddyhunt is coming this Sunday, Jan 31!

In order to migrate all the millions of hot photos, emails and profiles on the site, we will be OFF-LINE for most of the day on Sunday, starting at 8 am EST.

Once the migration is complete, you can login using your existing login and password. Please review and update your Profile and Preferences so you can get the most out of the new site.

A special thanks to all our Private Beta Volunteers and Supporters! Thank you to all our members for making Daddyhunt the largest community for real men of ALL ages.

Carl and the Daddyhunt Team Real Men. No attitude.

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just a message to say all the best for the switch over tomorrow.... and keep up the great work daddyhunt has produced to the hunters and daddys over the years ....

Hey guys, move your blog back up to the top of the Navigation. This is a terrific feature of the site and I miss seeing it up front. Was worried it was gone.

Love the design of the new site. Well done, guys.

Could you please add back search by distance for regular members? Otherwise, this site has no use for me

I agree with tzohar21 that the blog link should be made more visible at the top as before.

Congrats on the new site - from a purely semantic design point of view, it's a huge leap forward, especially in usability and accessibility (thanks for nuking the iFrames!!!). thanks for setting a good example for others to follow.

Bring back the Gropes! It is a nice way to flirt/open the door, rather than adding to the Favorites list. The Favorites list would become unmanageable. Also limiting the "Who viewed you" to 10 by non-supporters, limits the use of the site completely.

The new format........ with all due respect WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! The old format was great, easy to navigate. This new format reminds me of when Coke changed the formula from one of the most popular soft drinks in the world to a new one that bombed.... In summary... if it ain't broke don't fix it!!!.... Will be looking for alternative sites.

Another "upgrade" that really downgrades a site. Instead of seeing all the basics of a person in one small box, you have to navigate.

The loss of gropes is probably the single worst part of the new site. "Favorites" are public; gropes were private. You've eliminated the very easiest way for people to say hi to one another. Most gropes end with either a "thank you" or are completely ignored, but many allow the door to open toward conversation. "Favorites," which I see on other sites, don't do anything. You've shut the one door that distinguished DaddyHunt from all the other sites. The last thing anyone who knows other people on the site, or is partnered, wants, is to have their "favorites" blasted into the atmosphere. I DO NOT want my "gropes" public. I don't want my friends to see who I say hello to, particularly if they know that person.

I thought the upgrade would include IM...the one improvement that would be useful. But it doesn't have that.

Total bummer. Well, at least I won't obsess with how many people are looking at my picture any more...because that's gone too.

who says new is better? not me
since this site has changed i no longer stay logged on.
u guys just couldn't leave it alone.
glad i'm not a paying memeber.
u don't know how good something is till it's gone.

When selecting the "Quick Searches" you are presented with 4 further options. For the "Joined Today" and "Joined This Week" lists it would be useful if those lists could be broken down by the user so as to display their choice of Worldwide, Country or State as is the case with the "Who's Online" lists. I assume you are aware of the "bug" where the last few members of the "joined today" list are being displayed every day when this search is made

Today's "improvement" is terrible, sorry.

What I want is a look at who's on-line and immediately, who's looked at me. I don't need tiny pictures plus a name and age. That doesn't tell me location, and the pictures are too small. Please get rid of this "improvement." DaddyHunt was better yesterday than today.

If you want to advertise your blogs, you can just put the list above "who viewed you." I'm not sure why you're doing this latest tweaking.

I'm still undecided on the new format overall. It does present some benefits I will admit, but it's not the most intuitive. One thing I do miss about the old format (and maybe I'm just not seeing it) is the "Keyword" search. This did make it a bit easier to narrow down the profiles you might be most interested in seeing.

Man this site has changed. Become a member just to see large G rated photos? Are you that desperate for $?