Daddyhunt 2.0 is almost here!

December 2, 2009

Almost 5 years have passed since we started and it has been an amazing ride. Thank you to all of our wonderful members and supporters who have helped make this the largest and fastest growing site for real men of ALL ages. I’m very proud of the attitude-free and healthy community we have created together.

Over the years we’ve heard lots of suggestions from our members on how to improve the site. Well, I’m proud to say that we have been working hard to build a brand-new version of Daddyhunt that incorporates many of the great suggestions members have made.

Our new platform will feature a host of new and improved features for members and special functionality just for our Supporters. There will be new tools to stay connected to your friends and new features that will make it easier than ever to meet other hot men. There will also be a brand-new design and more hot cover models. All in all, we are very excited about the new site and hope you will be too.

The first phase of re-launch will involve the unveiling of the new platform. Slowly over the course of 2010 we will be rolling out new features like an instant messenger, profile notes and advanced search.

In order to launch in January, however, we need your help to test the site and identify any bugs. We are looking for a few dedicated Daddyhunt members to test out the Beta site and give us their feedback. If you’d like to play a crucial role in shaping Daddyhunt 2.0, email today.

Thanks again for all your support. We look forward to a very exciting 2010.

Carl & the Daddyhunt Team

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hi. I haven't been able access the site for a couple of weeks. I have emailed asking for possible support and though I heard back I still haven't been able to access the site. Everything is working fine on my computer, and sometimes I can access the site on my phone.
Problem is that I keep getting bounced back to the home page. What is so frustrating is that sometimes it looks as though the page is going to open. I can see the beginning of the headings but then it seems to bounce back to the log in page.
I mention this here in case it has something to do with the new platform. I wish it was. I do love the site and have some messages from friends waiting for me.
Best wishes.

Hello Nick -- Thank you for being a member and I'm sorry you are having problems accessing the site. The security related issues you are experiencing should go away once the new site is launched at the beginning of next year. Until that time, I suggest using a different computer and IP address since that is most likely what is causing the problem. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact

Thanks again

How much will the new site cost per month?

Hi guys! Just want too say this is the most wonderful site i have been on! I love the chat the man that are so nice too everyone! I like the respect of other here! I live in Califroina Hope too be seeing more of everyone around the world on this site! Hugs and tugs! Dennis (ironman19)

Glad to hear about the new DH! I can only hope that the first thing to go will be the intrusive Flirt4Free blurb that cums up every time i log on to look for a daddy. You know, as in "Daddy"Hunt? i am burnt out with the photos of the 19-year-old twinks wearing lipstick and rouge. Please make us rid of them forever.

Hi, I just read about your plan to improve the site. I doubt you can improve it. Just remember what happened to and Both sites were nearly destroyed by a relaunch and neither have recovered.
I like the site as it is.


Hi DH-Team,

I like your site very much.
but I have a suggestion for the NEW DH.
using the search funktion you always find users
who didn't log - in in years.
why aren't those users deleted ?

It would be a great advantage to have region searches at DH. At this very moment I can only search for my own country (Germany) or entire world. A continental filter would help to search for men in neighbouring countries. Thanks in advance!

<b>to dude59austria</b>

I guess the reasons why they preserve profiles whose owners haven't logged in for years are mainly two:

a) you never know when or why these people are not using their profiles. You can not just delete them. Maybe some of them have had to move to a country where DH is banned and can not use the site. There could be one thousand reasons and it is fair to keep those profile if the owners opened them. They are not taking that much space in the servers after all so I don't think DH is willing to delete them because...

b) because they are some sort of propaganda. The more profiles the website has, the more people will look that are using it, although maybe half of those profile owners are using the site regularly and have logged in within the last 6 months. The front page says 195,000 users worlwide and that will always attract your attention better than if it said 95,000 (or whatever the number of current users is...)

I don't know if they have more reasons, these are just a couple of ideas... Oh! And I totally agree with the continental filter that someone else suggested!! :)

Many profiles on sites like this are fake. A recent study indicated that up to 30% of profiles are fake. Not suggesting that this site is guilty of the big SIN, but site owners make up profiles, sometimes thousands of them, to demonstrate popularity. I travel a lot, and sometimes find the same picture with a different profile name, and even the same text on sites like this. The site owners then start sending messages, and let the fun begin. As non-supporting members start recieving email from the fake profiles, they are enticed to pay for the service. I am simply waiting for a BIG class action law suit to start, and it will, soon.

I agree that this site is fine as it is. Launching a new site has cost many other sites thousands of members, as they destroy what they created. Take a look at Google, moto, keep it simple and clean. That works.



I'm also experiencing problems to login. Sometimes, 'Fraud/Spammers' message are displayed and most of the times, unsuccessful though I've tried using a different computers and at different cities/countries. My profile is still active and incoming messages other members are unable to access and respond.

I sent about 3 emails to about 6 months ago but no one has responded.


Hey Guys...
From Brazilianguy66
I cant connect to Daddyhunt.
As soon as get connected I will answer all my msges.

I would love to access this site from my cellphone, which is not an Ifone ie. Apple. I would be willing to pay, and support the site, because I would have more access to the site. Now I can only use the site, when I am home, at my computer, which is very limiting! Otherwise, I LOVE this site! THANKS, Carl & DH Team!.......TOPMEGOOD

I agree wholeheartedly with the commenters who've pointed out how often these "upgrades" turn into site-killing disasters. Anybody have a profile on Manhunt? When they "upgraded" to a new platform last year they were down for at least a week (during Dore or Folsom - can't remember which). And after they finally came back up intermittent outages, often several a day, continued for weeks. They are STILL having outages from time to time. And guess what? there's very little difference between the old site and the new except for things being moved around so that you have to relearn how to do everything or ask their worthless online "serviceman" where a function has been moved to.

I appreciate that owners of sites like this are justly proud of their accomplishments - running such a great site must be a difficult task. But please, please, please don't let vanity push you to kill this wonderful place the way Manhunt has been killed. The current Daddyhunt works just fine, and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that if Daddyhunt goes through with this "upgrade" we'll be in for days, quite possibly weeks, with no access at all, followed by more weeks of site outages. Take my word - the third time that the site goes down just as you're about to "clinch the deal" you'll do exactly what I did on Manhunt: give up and abandon the place. Oh, you may go back after a few months, as I did to Manhunt, but you'll go as a non-paying member because who wants to pay for a site that could very possibly crash just when your cock is plumping up as you wait for that hot boy to send you his address?

Please, please, please - leave well enough alone. Don't screw up still another perfectly good site with an "upgrade", an "upgrade" that might appear to offer DH's owners new avenues to make money but which will make the connecting process less satisfying and more difficult for the site's users. Please, please don' t force us all to find a new place to meet...because we, the users, are your revenue source, not some fancy-schmancy new platform that nobody can access or figure out how to use.


In my opinion, the worst fears of upgrading are realized. Particularly useless and off-putting is the new "Favorites" replacing the much simpler and more socially breezy Gropes. New and Improved are again proved to exist exclusive of each other.

One suggestion...bring back the sound or "reminder" when you get a message when you are online. I hate getting messages from guys when I am online and not knowing it