A special holiday video for all our members and supporters

December 23, 2009

Hey Guys,

We put together this short holiday video and would love to know what you think of it! It just went up and has already been featured on top blogs Towleroad and JoeMyGod.

Happy Holidays to all our loyal members and supporters.  Thank you for making 2009 a banner year for men of all ages.

We look forward to an amazing 2010 and the launch of the new Daddyhunt!

Best wishes,
Carl and the Daddyhunt Team

P.S.: Please remember people in need during the holiday season and give generously to your local AIDS and LGBT organizations.

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Very cute video ;) I'm just curious who the guys are? Are they on the website?

Unfortunately the video ended too soon :-)

Loved the video. I sent the youtube link to all my friends and family (yes, even the straight ones). It had everything that makes Christmas special- Santa, jingle bells, Christmas trees, and lastly what we all wish for Christmas- a handsome, hunky, hung stud in just his tank top and bikini briefs!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I enjoyed the video but today it isn't working--YouTube blocked it for a violation of TOS. Any idea why?

Thanks for the gift that isn't there! Come on guys, take this link down!

Hey Guys, thanks for all the great feedback on the video. We had over 40,000 views in 2 days on YouTube but then, for reasons we can't determine (homophobia?), YouTube took the video down. We have reposted it on Vimeo and linked to it from there. Have a great holiday! Carl

But please tell us who the players were, especially Santa? I know I've seen him but can't place him...and it's driving me crazy! Thanks!

Very tame and expected. Santa should have been more naughty, but instead he was too nice. Good spirit of the holidays though. I do not think Stephen Spielberg has to worry just yet.

Your are a sour puss. What did you expect? The equivalent of a Caligula holiday spectacular shot as a cinematographic masterpiece? Good lord man, it was something cute for the holidays. Feel free to break out your camera and do your worst next year.