Daddyhunt Scheduled Downtime: February 23rd, 1 pm - 3 pm EST

February 23, 2009

Dear Daddyhunt Members,

On Monday February 23rd, from 1pm - 3 pm EST  we will be moving Daddyhunt to faster servers at a premiere hosting facility. While we expect that the move will be quick and easy, it may take up to two hours to completely move to the new server environment. During this time, Daddyhunt will be offline and unaccessible.

This is phase 1 of the Daddyhunt upgrade and redesign project. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition and apologize ahead of time for any problems this disruption may cause.

Thank you for your continued support!
Carl and the Daddyhunt Team

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Monday 21st February cannot be the correct date. Check yr calendars again guys!!!!!

Justin: Thanks for that note. Obviously, it should be February 23rd!

Do you have any idea how long your system will be down? I notice it has been down for a couple of days. Look forward to seeing your improve service. Thanks for such a great site for us older gentlement. Keep up the good work.

Another day down...what is up guys? I just became a paying member and I was looking forward to my membership status. Hope it is back soon....( I have 7 messages waiting for me.)...Thanks again for a great web page.

haha, Partisan? Not at all.
I think the phrase is, “Country First.”

Can’t even remember what I was doing in 1988, but I guarantee you it’s nothing I want to talk about.