Your Penis, Peyronie's and Priapism

January 14, 2009
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Every so often I think about sexual health and how, as gay men, we have become so focused on STDs that we forget that as we age other things happen to our bodies, and specifically our dicks, unrelated to STDs.

A few that I’ve spent some time looking into recently are Peyronie's disease and Priapism, both of which affect our dicks and can be a rather uncomfortable and perhaps embarrassing conditions. Yet I rarely hear about them, so until I started reading up on it at the request of a pal I was pretty much in the dark as well.

Since I’m not a medically trained professional, I certainly can’t diagnose and these are just my personal thoughts  but I figured I’d share some highlights that I found and a few links to that I thought useful.

Peyronie's disease

Peyronie's is essentially a tissue condition that involves an abnormal curve upwards in the penis. Now, before you all start looking at your dicks, many of us have some slight curve in one direction or the other as a normal condition. What is distinguishing for Peyronie’s is that it can cause pain, and an extreme abnormal curve when erect. In some cases a shortening of the length can occur. During the early stages of Peyronie's, pain is often reported, some erectile dysfunction can occur as well. For most men, the ability to have sex can be maintained with Peyronie's.

Unfortunately, not a lot is known about its causes, but it seems to occur after an injury to the penis, often times during sexual intercourse…ouch!.. and many of us know that rare time when during insertion, we aim wrong or bang-n-bend ourselves when a particularly aggressive man is bouncing on our dick.

As for treatment, some medications have been studied with various results as well as a surgery option for extreme cases.

One particularly interesting item I found repeated a few times online was the idea that stretching techniques can help... Hmmm, maybe that’s why we aren’t seeing more of this in the gay men’s community – perhaps that nightly “jerk off” is paying off!


Priapism has always fascinated me since a sex partner I had years ago shared with me that he suffered from it. Of course at that time I thought “how cool” it would be to able to stay hard even after cumming with out the use of drugs. Of course maturity and a more enlightened outlook on sexual health and my body has dampened that idea some.

Clinically speaking Priapism is a condition that occurs when the penis is unable to “go soft” once stimulation has been taken out of the picture. As a matter of fact, after four – six hours of an erection, most medical providers consider it an urgent medical condition and recommend that the guy see a doctor.

It would seem that Priapism, can be caused by both physical and chemical factors and includes damage to the blood vessels of the penis that may result in erectile impairment and/or impotence.

Some local MD’s I spoke with who treat gay male patients also mentioned that the use of too-tight fitting cockrings that are solid and do not unsnap combined with some erectile medications can also lead to Priapism. Another reminded me that overuse of some medications and recreational substances can also lead to Priapism.

Treatment for Prisprism, isn’t pretty and can be pretty scary as it involves a needle and getting trapped blood out of the penis. Fortunately it can be done under a local anesthetic.

So what did I get from all the reading?

- Not too take my dick for granted.

- Pay attention to how it feels and if I notice any pain or discomfort see my provider! Natural hard-ons aren’t supposed to last over 4 hours.

- My dick shouldn’t be pointing to the sky when I am standing.

- Most importantly – see my doctor if something doesn’t feel or look right!

Here are a few resources for more information:'s_disease

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Peyronie's doesn't always involve a curvature of the penis. It's caused by hard scar tissue, or plaque, that develops inside the penis. When blood flows into the penis to create an erection, the elastic erectile tissue presses up against less-elastic scar tissue, causing the erection to become deformed. I was recently diagnosed with this condition, but I don't have a curve in my penis. Rather, I have a divit in the side of the base of my penis - almost like somebody took a bite out of my erection. I also suffer a fair degree of pain when becoming erect.

The important thing to know about Peyronie's is that it doesn't have to be a single, major trauma that causes it. Repeated, low-grade trauma can be the culprit. In my case, I believe it was caused by a change in my sex life: I started topping more and, because I was unused to it, tried to do so with an 80-90% firm erection instead of a 100% one. The act of penetration with a less-than-fully-erect penis can cause small tears inside the penis that, when they scar over, results in Peyronie's. Having your partner sit on your dick when you're less than fully erect is the worst position for this.....

Luckily, there's a new treatment for Peyronie's that hasn't gotten a lot of attention yet. It's actually heart medication that's been reformulated into a cream. Over the course of 9-12 months of treatment, the active ingredient remodels the scar tissue inside the penis, making it more supple and elastic like normal erectile tissue. The result is a reduction in pain and an improvement in whatever deformity - curvature, loss of length or girth, or indentations - has occurred.

The name of the medication is Transdermal Verapamil Gel 15%. It's only available from the manufacturer, PDLabs, and it's expensive. Because it's an off-label use of an existing medication - a so-called compounded prescription - your insurance company may or may not cover it. I'm about to shell out $1200 for a six-month supply, but I'm hopeful that it'll get the job done.

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Peyronies does not always involve pain. Mine started as a dent on the left side of my dick and then that dent moved all the way around the whole shaft.. making my formerly wide penis look like it was wearing a corset. That then started moving in both directions so that it he shrinkage went from about an inch from my pubes to the head of my dick. I was now about an inch narrower than my former 2.25 inches wide and about a inch shorter than I was a year earlier. It was looking pretty freeky.. I gotta tell you. I have never had any pain associated with my pyronies.

My doctors explained that one cause "might" be a left over from our genetic make up... when like animals in the wild, we mated with abandon with what ever female (ewww) would have us. The more sexually active we are.. the more likely that we will get "culled out" of the herd later on so that the "young bucks" can get a chance. Pyronies does that for us and we become less desireable as mates, esp. if our dicks point sideways and we can't get it in (or up as it can often happen). Mine went from bending upwards.. that moved to the left..then down.. then to the right and just like a clock.. back to noon again. Now I am moving back more straight forward (I will never be "straight") I have had the issue about 2 years. Things are getting better.. much better.

About 30% of men over 40 get pyronies disease. It happens especially to DIABETICS, and because of the plaque build up can be a foreshadowing of heart disease. So, if you are experiencing plaque build up in your dick.. what does your heart look like?? (I had 7 heart bypasses in June 08 by the way) I am also the genes are not good to me anyway. Yeah, my dad had the problem too... ((sigh))

The docs also said that jerking with a really FIRM grip.. can cause some trauma to the penis.. and that compression of the penis in the middle COULD possibly be a cause or at least an assist to the disease getting a foot hold (or a hand hold). So, lighten up the grip there guys.

SOME people say that massaging in vitimin E will help.. it certainly did not hurt me.. and I do think that it helped some. This is NOT creme fortified with vit. E, but a cream of Vit. E. I found mine at GNC..and it was like 4 bucks for a big not that bad..and it makes your dick nice and smooth.. and my balls liked it too...heheheheee.

So if life gives you pyronies.. learn to roll over on your back...and lift those legs in the air and "ride it out" until things come back to life. My docs told me its a 2-3 year ordeal.. but that in many cases guys do get most of their dick use back. Mine is about 90% back to normal.. the thickness has come back (((YES))) and I am starting to see a bit of the length back too... so pyronies is not normally a life changer.. but a speed bump on the road of life and maybe a lower speed limit on the other side.

Thanks to both of the last two posts for adding your comments to the thread.. I wasn't planning on an in depth and had been hoping others would round out what they know and experiences. Appreciate you adding your outlooks too!


Just read abt Peyronie's disease your blog..Good info to talk about and share..I had a bout of it in my 20's when I was very active sexually (I'm 62 now and not quite as active, LOL) It was very painful when I was erect and had a right angle penis, scary as well. My father helped me deal with the problem. Got me to the doctor. The remedy at the time was lots of Vitamin E..I followed that advice and eventually, after maybe a year, got good results. I now have only a slightly curved erect penis. The problem now is ED.

Frank, thanks for your comments on Peyronie's Disease. I'm another older man who's currently dealing with this condition. In my case, it appeared out of the blue, right in the middle of having sex, and for no apparent reason at all-- no rough play, no accidental injury. I just happened to look down and notice that my cock was suddenly crooked. There was no pain, but it was certainly a shocking sight. I managed to conceal the condition until after my orgasm, but the moment my buddy left I was online trying to see what was going on.
My doctor sent me directly to a urologist, who diagnosed the condition, gave me a not-very-encouraging prognosis, suggested I take vitamin E, "pray" the condition doesn't get worse (yes, he literally said that), and come back to see him in 6 months.
I did more in-depth online research and eventually learned about Memorial Sloan-Kettering's special center for studying and treating men's sexual health. I am now being treated with a series of verapamil injections (every 2 weeks, for 12 weeks), and, yes, I'm using that Fast-Size penis stretching device which seems to have helped some men, especially when used in conjunction with the injections.
There are no guarantees that any of this will cure the situation; my doctor's idea is that the treatment will increase my chances of improvement and decrease my chances of getting worse. He also mentioned that almost none of his patients can remember any kind of injury that they think might have caused the problem.
I'm lucky, compared to some men- but it's possible my days of topping are over. Even when I have a good strong erection, when I go for the insertion my penis bends right in the middle in a way that very scary! That's called the "hingeing effect" and it's not pretty.
My main advice to anyone with the Peyronie syndrome is not to take the "wait and see" approach; try to find a doctor who knows a lot about the problem and can provide some kind of treatment.

I'd just like to add that DaddyHunt's blog is very interesting, and informative, and I hope you guys are able to keep up the good work! Thanks again.

Great site!

<a href="">~James</a>

Just to thank you for getting rid of those VERY strange entries. I know "liberals" might complain that you and Daddyhunt have trampled all over your members' freedom of speech & expression by doing so, but I for one would agree with you that one's right to make money takes precedence over such trivial considerations. Keep up the good work!

I can't begin to thank you enough for addressing Peyronie's Disease. And thanks also to the gentlemen who replied. You have supplied me with more information, encouragement and HOPE than my gay Primary Care Physician, my HIV Specialist and my Urologist combined. I developed Peyronie's about 8 months ago out of the blue. Having this disorder (why is it called a disease?) has devastated me emotionally and destroyed my self confidence. I am 53, in otherwise terrific condition and formerly "a big dicked top". The suggestion by a previous poster to "learn to roll over" and "lift those legs in the air" is far far easier said than done. To escalate my dispair, I have also developed almost complete erectile dysfunction whether as a side effect of Peyronie's, psychological distress or just plain old getting old is yet to be determined. My Laguna Beach physician as well as my urologist both refused to prescribe any type of ED medication. The accepted medical opinion being that ED drugs may cause irreparable damage to a Peyronie's affected penis. Neither doctor suggested any type of treatment telling me to "come back in 6 months". I was shocked by the uncompassionate lack of concern for my mental well being by my gay physician who is well aware of my sexual activity. The appearance of my penis has so radically changed it is unrecognisable from former photographs which I have had to remove from my online profiles. On a couple of the few occasions I have attempted sexual hook-ups as a bottom, I've been asked if my limp dick was due to Meth! I do not use any recreational drugs other than occasional Marijuana. I don't know which is worse having an estrangulated bent dick or one that is always flaccid. At least I can be thankful that I have no physical pain associated with Peyronie's. Another difficult aspect is having to explain Peyronie's, it's ensuing ED, my miniaturized penis (2 inch decrease in both length and girth) and my inability to top to my longtime fuck buds and potential sexual partners. I have always had a very active, healthy and satisfying sex life and now I have none. But thanks to the treatment information garnered here by your respondents I am excited and optimistic and look forward to finding a knowledgeable and supportive physician to explore treatment options that until now I didn't know existed.

Hey man- I'm new to the DH blog correspondence so I'm not going to write a long letter until I hear from you and know this will actually work as a means of communication. My email address is, so if you'd like to say "hello" that would be great.
I was really touched by your response to the thread about Peyronie's disease (disease?)-- since I'm dealing with it myself-- I just saw my doctor today and got the 4th injection (out of 6). My case doesn't seem to be as difficult as yours, but that just made me all the more concerned to read your post.
I'd be happy to share any information I have or just attempt to lend some moral support if that's of any interest to you.
Hope I hear from you,

Has your doctor addressed surgery yet? Mine has. From the sound of it, mine is as severe as yours.
It's been over a year now, so I'm trying to schedule surgery for January, provided that the insurance company approves it.

wehohole @ aol. com

Hi guys,
I too have suffered with Peyronies Disease for a long time. When I was in my mid 40's I noticed a lump in the shaft of my penis. I decided to check it out immediately. I wasn't sure if it was some kind of tumor or cyst. I went to the UCLA urology department. the doctor (a gay urologist) examined the lump and said that it would probably go away on its own. It didn't. I noticed the lump increased in size, but there was no pain associated with it, and my erections were normal and satisfying and I continued my usual sexual activity. I was a little over 7 inches in length, with 7 inches in diameter at the base of my penis. Guys loved the way I would stretch them when I was completely in. I was also very much into being serviced and sucked. The men I was with would use their hand to suck and stroke because the thickness and length was not always easy to get all the way down...except for those experts we all know. I was living at the time in a cabin in the mountains, and didn't have regular sex, but certainly enjoyed it when I did have it, and pleasured myself almost nightly by masturbation. I went to bed one night with a beautiful penis and woke up the next morning with my new erect penis. It had curved upwards over night almost 90 degrees. There was an hour glass shape to my penis and I lost about two inches in length and most of the girth. Now few men will suck my penis, and I lived for that. I can no longer much as I desire to. When I go to insert my dick in a partner, I can't get it in, and if I am ever successful at getting it inside, it rarely stays in. It is hard to see the disappointment in the eyes of the men I am fortunate enough to be with on occasion, but it is far from the hungry insatiable appetite I used to see when I was enjoying the warmth of another man's mouth. I went back to UCLA six months later, they gave me a painful injection to give me an erection so they could study the curvature, and only confirmed my self diagnosis. They gave me nothing. No recommendations at all. Nothing. I went to the Urology department at Cedars Sanai in LA and the doctor there gave me cortisone injections for several months, told me to take Vitamin E and prescribed potaba tablets which was one of the accepted methods of treatment at the time. Neither the shots, the potaba or the Vitamin E changed anything. I then tried the Verapamil gel through PDL as described in one of the earlier responses. I spent several thousand dollars on that, to no avail. Nothing has helped. My sex life was altered completely and our culture is about penis worship and when your penis is no longer beautiful or viable you are dismissed. I am currently in Chicago where one urologist has suggested surgery. I am more than hesitant to undergo surgery. I do wonder how surgeries can be done to successfully enlarge a penis, but when all you are trying to do is remove the plaque that causes the curve and restore the length and size you were born with, nothing seems to be able to be done. I wish all of you who are dealing with this horrible condition better success than I had. I reacted immediately and found very little sympathy from Doctors who were supposed to be experts at treating Urological problems. I would volunteer in a heartbeat to be a part of a study for new methods and techniques to cure this. All my research in over 10 years now has led me to no new treatments. Good luck to all of you!

Thanks a bunch, Frank. This was all very enlightening as *I* happen to have more than a bit of curvature myself and never had anyone give me any kind of idea as to what it is or why. Sound like a low grade version of what you outlined as I don't suffer from any kinds of pain, but do have a definite curvature towards the heavens. ;)

Thanks again, and I look forward to our next dialog...


Thanks for the info: haven't been reading these until today so this may have been covered. Not only are there dick issues, but testicle issues as one ages also. Last April, after watching my right testicle grow and enlarge slowly but surely, then quite rapidly and developing a painful infection, I went to my primary care Dr. who suspected epididymitis, but also ordered an MRI and diagnosed a Hydrocele. Occurs in about 1% of older guys. Water collects around the testicle and moves in and out, in my case in a variable rate, causing fluctuating testicle size. Surgery is the only option and never a predictable complete solution, but I waited until winter break this past December (didn't want to give up my entire summer with recovery), and was foiled by a funky EKG which lead to one of the new injectable stress tests that finally cleared my heart and then surgery 2 wks ago tomorrow. Seems to be healing well, and I'm hoping for a return to normal size, but as I understand it, one is never sure as the lining of the testicle is just peeled back and tacked and it could re-occur. A 1.5" scar across one's sac is a painful thing but it passes slowly. There's information out there on the web and a good surgeon helps.

Thx to all the guys that have shared their stories. I was recently diagnosed with Peyronies too. My story is complicated in that I was treated for cancer a few years ago & I suspected the Peyronies problem might have been caused indirectly as a result of the damage the radiation treatment did to my sex drive. My drive is about 10% of what it used to be. So I thought that problem stemmed from a lack of sexual activity. Like many of you the problem seemed to appear overnight & now it has become increasingly uncomfortable to maintain an erection. It certainly takes the pleasure out of sex. I'm considering surgery.

Very interesting. I had no idea that there were so many guys with either disease. I have on a rare occasion seen guys with a very bent penis, but it is like was stated, due to an accident or other factors within your own body makeup. Certainly not anything to wish on any guy and especially if it causes any length reduction which none of us want. Having a prolonged erection seems like would be a great gift, but i have only once found a guy that did not lose his erection for many hours and had to see a doctor to resolve the issue. I have though come across guys who do retain their erection and are able to have multiple releases as a result. They do though eventually lose the erection after the attention has stopped.

I wanted to share though a basic tip for most guys. Most guys have a slight curve usually to the left or to the right. Some curve up and some down. At birth our penis is generally straight and bends in no certain direction. As we grow older and learn our craft and skills at masturbating we begin to direct that straightness to one side or direction or another.
1. guys who have a slight curve to the left are right handed and masturbate with their right hand most of the time.
2. guys who curve to the right, are generally left handed and masturbate with their left hand the majority of the time.
3. guys who have a slight curve upwards masturbate with a stroke that pushes down on the top side and stroke out and upwards as they masturbate. It could be done with either hand or both.
4. guys who have a downward curve, masturbate with a out and down stroke almost as if though they were holding their hand over their cock and stroking outwards. Again it could be with either hand or both.

Watch the guy masturbate and you will get your clues as to why the penis has the particular curves that they develop.

PSW, randy

Wow, Thanks, I was going to give up on this blog until reading this thread. Excellent information thanks guys.

My very tight partner sat down on me without opening and with his full body weight...I felt the pain and a pop! At least one of the blood chambers blew. It was painful....I couldn't continue took weeks longer....but suddenly my penis shortenned and took on an hourglass also curved upward...but now at nearly 45 degrees instead of a gentle perfect curve.

Very little information is available out there unless you really dig. I brought what I found to my urologist...and it seemed I knew more than he did...He asked me for copies of my findings. A company called Auxilium is in clinical trials with a drug like vermopimil and having significant results. I couldn't get into the trials....But dispite painful manipulation and ejaculations, I continued masturbating as I read about a guy that claimed he cured himself with masturbation with olive oil.

I also found claims of a combination of stuff over the counter that was supposed to help and it has....find an oral product called nuprinol, this is supposed to work like the clinical drugs in that it may attack fiberous tissue (scars/plaque), and they suggest vitamin E, and vitamin C. They named special brands but I can share that with anyone who really wants it. I think I paid for the knowledge.

There is such a thing as spontaneous healing....all I can tell you is it is working for me...It has returned to 90% of its normal more hourglass,... I haven't tried penetration yet...there may yet be a permanent "crease" when I try penetration, but I can get a blow job without pain now...they should teach us that you can break your dick when we're kids so we're all more careful. Who knew!

I have not regained the full width and certainly not the 2 inches in length I lost....but I'm starting to look for a hottie to try it out on!

It is really hard to put a value on the damage to our male esteem...anyone who doesn't have this condition can't imagine the loss!

Nine months ago, while working, I felt my flaccid dick twinge, as it a rubber band had snapped it.
Over the next two months, I noticed the development of a lump of scar tissue near the left base side of the shaft, then noticed the gradual curvature developing. Oddly, I had had ED issues prior, due to diabetes. Now I found penis operating on it's own to gain an erection, rather akin to being an adolescent. However, the erections were painful and the curvature started an abrupt bend from the middle of the shaft to the left. I looked down and my dick looked like a 7. Weird, though, I can , with some pain, bend it back into its proper shape, thus seeing the divet/dent on the left side more clearly. The urologist I went, who sees about six to eight cases a year in this rather low populated area, said he'd had no luck with patients taking Vip or Pota whatever their called. He put me on vitamin E and wanted to wait to see how the plaque issues developed. Well, they just got worse. He did mention that he's done surgeries, but I need clarification as I've investigated two different surgical processes. He also said it might be hampered by my autoimmune issues, but almost all of his other patients were otherwise healthy all the way 'round. Anyhow, I've most always been a bottom or versatile, but the look of my dick now just makes me more self conscious than I've ever been in my life. Anyway, guys, thanks for sharing your experiences. It does make me feel better to know what others are going through.

Unfortunately, symptoms of the disease may develop methodically or overnight. Overnight appearances are usually due to some sort of serious penile trauma, but not always. If you think that you have Peyronie's Disease, then I highly recommend you see your healthcare provider, who may refer you to an urologist.
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