Gay Penguins Make Great Daddies

January 13, 2009

In a real-life case of the controversial 2005 children’s book about gay penguins, And Tango Makes Three, a male penguin couple in the Polar Land zoological park in Harbin, northern China, that last month were separated from their colony for stealing eggs from straight couples, has been given some of their own to look after, and now are being praised as model parents.

The flightless male birds were segregated after they were seen placing stones at the feet of parents before waddling away with their fertile eggs. Zookeepers said the couple were removed from the group not because of discrimination, but so as keep the colony tranquil during hatching time.

Dismayed visitors complained it was unfair to ostracize the couple and prevent them from becoming surrogate fathers, and urged the zoo to give them a chance at daddyhood. In response, zookeepers gave the prospective fathers two eggs to hatch “from another couple whose hatching ability had been poor, and they've [the male penguins] turned out to be the best parents in the whole zoo.”

“One of the responsibilities of being a male adult is looking after the eggs,” stated a zoo worker. “Despite the fact that they can't have eggs naturally, it does not take away their biological drive to be a parent.”

Central Park Zoo in New York City is home to Roy and Silo, the real-life happy penguin dads depicted in the children’s book. Zoos in Japan and Germany also have documented domesticated male penguin father couples.

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Thanks a bunch for an excellent posting! Our movement needs all the help it can get. My only problem, which I hope members will help me with is, how do we know they were Gay? I mean does just hanging out together constitute a "gay" relationship? Surely since the word "gay" refers to "sexual" orientation would it not be reasonable to be provided with evidence of such activities? Apart from that (and the fact that a link is provided to the Daily Mail, the infamous Nazi-loving English Hate-Sheet), I loved it.

Well.... that depends. The piece is written in a "knowing" way -obviously the journalists were aware from the zoo keepers that serious action had taken place between our penguin brothers. No need to mention anal intercourse in publications to which all the family have access. Also obviously they were gay -they rejected female penguins! QED.

Wow. Can penguins do anal intercourse? How?

Wow. Can penguins do anal intercourse? How?

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:-D Thanks in advance. Jette.