DaddyHunt says goodbye to Chris Turner and Walt Smith

January 24, 2009

As many of you know DaddyHunt was started by the company Pantheon Productions, LLC.  I founded Pantheon Productions in 2002 with the vision of creating an online community for daddies, bears and admirers.  Along the way, my friends Carl and Walt became partners in the business and have helped to develop different aspects of the company.  Walt has worked with me primarily on the video side of the business and Carl on developing and running DaddyHunt.

As the business has grown and changed we’ve decided that it is necessary to split off the personals business (DaddyHunt) from Pantheon Productions.  Carl will be taking over full responsibility for the DaddyHunt business under a new separate company.  Walt and I will become the sole partners in Pantheon Productions, LLC and will continue to run our video production company and  These changes will take effect in late January.

It saddens me to step down from my role in helping to run DaddyHunt.  I’m very proud of what we’ve developed.  I have received so many wonderful messages from members over the past few years who’ve told me that they’ve met partners on the site, or had some great dates, or met friends, or just that they enjoy the friendly community they find on DH.  As many of you know, I met my husband through these personals, so the DH community is something that I have a great fondness for. 

So we leave you in Carl’s capable hands.  It’s also the same great team running the site – Nicolas and Jason doing customer service and Danny helping to design and build new features.  I know they’ve got lots of great stuff planned for the future on DH so stay tuned.

If you want to keep up with Walt and me, we’ll be producing Pantheon Videos, running the HotOlderMale adult site and we will be writing for the new HOM Blog, coming soon.  We’ll also be hanging out on DaddyHunt as it is the best place on the net for Daddies and Hunters.  Feel free to say hi if you see us online.

Chris Turner
Pantheon Productions, LLC

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Walter and Chris,

Thank you both for all of the hard work you have done in making Daddy Hunt such a warm and inviting site for so many of us. I have had the great fortune in meeting you both and have been impressed by not only your intelligence, but also the passion you share in your businesses.

For those of you who have not met these men, they are the "real deal" and are the guys you can take home to meet mom and, daddy? Um, well, it does get a bit confusing with these terms, but they are as nice as duo of men as you will ever meet.

While I'll miss you both online, I hope to catch up with you while wandering this amazing city that we all share.

Warmest regards,


Thanks Guys!
You've built probably the best and most popular website for all us normal, everyday guys and for that I will be eternally grateful. Of course Pantheon Productions helps bring we ordinary guys to the homes of thousands, no millions (I can hope!) men, and yes even women, everyday for their own viewing pleasure. It has always been a pleasure working for you guys and I look forward to our upcoming (no pun intended) venture. As for the website, I have gained a heck of a lot of new friends here that are all part of our wonderful family and I will continue to add to my list. Good luck Gentlemen in all your ventures and let me know if I can lend a hand. I believe in you!!

Hugs & Grunts,


Thanks Chris,

You guys have been a great team in putting together such a wonderful and tremendous site that is well used and comfortable to meet others. This all seems so strange as i just read the article about you guys in the Bearparty magazine in an interview they did with you. I realized that i was already a member of your site and have been now for awhile enjoying the guys that i have met and the open communications that have been made so easy by your site rules and allowances. I think i am on both sites, but i will have to check to see. As a computer consultant i know that the effort and time you guys put into these sites is not only time consuming, but expensive with the number of guys you have registered and are actively using the sites. I have always wanted to be involved in adult videos and did so with an amateur, and am very aware of the work involved in this area too. After reading the article and now seeing that life and things are changing, i will be looking more at your videos and taking an interest in getting into that more too. Believe me i have a full appreciation for your work and the time involved. I wish all of you and the entire team of both companies a successful year and beyond. I will be here for you. Thanks for all of your hard work.

PSW, randy

Dear Chris:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. In 2003 i think you contacted me from AOL and asked me to a photoshoot for HOM. You and Walt schlepped in lights and cameras and did a beautiful shoot in my apartment on 22d street in Chelsea.
In late 2006 I joined DH and found a young partner with whom we spent a torrid and intense love affair over a couple of years,

I have met so many great
friends from DH.
I am now taking it to the next level where I am in love with someone I have not even met.
We just regularly cam and text. My prayer is he move here this year.

big bear hugs to you sexy man
without you I would not have discovered my "daddyhood"


Chris and Walt,
Thank you immensely for what you have done in making DaddyHunt the wonderful site that it has come to be! I have met some wonderful guys on the site who have become lifelong friends and I owe it all to you. Thank you for investing in your dream that has now blossomed into a warm community of kind-hearted daddies, bears, hunter, admirers, and the like. I eagerly anticipate what will develope in the months and years to come. I have no doubts that HOM, DaddyHunt, and Pantheon Productions will become even HOTTER!

Best Wishes,

"Nothing happens unless first a dream . . . Life is full of endings, but every ending is a new beginning."
- Carl Sandburg … Unknown

Hi Chris,
Although it’s bittersweet to learn about the split of these great companies you founded, nurtured and grew to the success they are today, I look forward with anticipation and excitement to what lies ahead. I’m one of the lucky ones who have had the pleasure of meeting you, and appreciate your genuinely friendly, down-to-Earth and embracing demeanor. My best wishes to all of you in your new and evolving roles, but in particular, a note of appreciation to you Chris, not only for having the foresight to establish this great community, but also for bringing us HOM and Pantheon. I look forward to seeing the upcoming HOM Blog, and can hardly wait to see what you and Walt have in store for us. Your talent, drive and innate ability to capture and bring to your audience the raw and unbridled sexuality of real men, with men, as men, will always keep Pantheon Productions on top of our lists. I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again in the not too distant future, and until then, my very best wishes for continued success and, as always, do let me know if I can lend a hand.

Big hugs,

"If it's enjoyable to the body, it's good to the soul"

“There is much satisfaction in work well done, but there can be no happiness equal to the joy of finding a heart that understands.”
- Victor Robinsoll

You really did establish something great, and the fact that it will continue proves it has taken root and is a true sucess.


I'm really going to miss your guiding presence here. I wish you all the best with your future ventures.



Thanks for all friend!.

For me, you had create the best gay friend finder. I said this before, and is written in my profile.
Here, many men (like me) had found the best of a person: HIS FRIENDSHIP. Looking for mature men, I find mature hearts.
I hope the best to you with your new project. I am sure it will be great as DH and HOM
Hugs and greetings from Guatemala, Central America.


Wow, that's a shocker!

If the companies are splitting off, that means they both must be doing well. Hopefully, it will keep you more sane to just focus on production. Looking forward to working with you more!

Lavender Lounge

Hello Chris and Walter -- this comment is coming only 4 months after your blog, but what the heck. As you know, Chris, sometimes I'm a little slow! I, too, am one of the lucky ones who has the exquisite pleasure of calling you my friend, and my buddy. To be close to you is a divine pleasure that anyone who knows you realizes is a very special thing. I have just met Walt recently (video shoot in Feb.) but i also know that he is a great guy, and a real sweetheart just as you are. I know that HOM will continue to thrive and grow, and i look forward to the new Pantheon Bears thing coming up, too. And i especially look forward to the next time we can be together, to the "work" and the play, knowing it will be special, as it always has been in the past. Best of luck and my love, too!