Carl says hello to Daddyhunt

January 30, 2009

I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Carl. I have been part of the Daddyhunt team for years now, working closely with Chris and Walt as we shaped and built Daddyhunt. As Chris and Walt depart the Daddyhunt team, I am sincerely grateful for their unique contributions to our spectacular success. Our goal will remain the same as it has always been. We are determined to build the biggest and the best internet community for Daddies and their Admirers, men of all ages, all nationalities, and every race.

To keep pace with our amazing growth, we are investing heavily in the infrastructure of Daddyhunt. Next month we will be moving to newer and faster servers, and we are hard at work on a new version of Daddyhunt (Daddyhunt 2.0.) This new version will have chat and a host of other features for our members and supporters. We hope you will help us make this site even more exciting by contributing your comments, suggestions and stories to our exciting new blog.

I have learned so much from this amazing community. So often people speak of the negative aspects of the online world, but through Daddyhunt's members, I have witnessed the Internet's power to improve people's lives. One man described to me how Daddyhunt "saved his life." It provided him a way out of his shell after the loss of his lover. Another man told me that he met his life partner on Daddyhunt. Countless long-term relationships (marriages included) began as an innocent "grope" on Daddyhunt.

As we move forward, we want to be even more responsive to the needs of our members. We know that Daddyhunt only exists because of you and for you, our loyal community of members and supporters. Thank you all for being a part of this exciting phenomenon, Daddyhunt.

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Thanks, Carl. That all sounds very exciting, especially the chat feature.

Thanks Carl for all the great work you guys are doing and have done.

I see a lot of profiles in which the members ask for message rather than Gropes.

Groping is sort of what "dirty old men" did in the work-place 40 years ago, and many continue to try doing -- even though they aren't supposed to because of Sexual Harrassment.

Why not figure out three or four ways of expressing a greeting in the GROPE message. Something like: "A High Five"; "Greetings"; "You're Hot"; "Wish We Lived Closer"; or
"Hey, We Both Live Here Locally -- Let's Meet Up!"

Thanks again Carl and your excellent team for all your great work. Want to wish Chris the best in his work with the movie company.

-- Bill


This is a great suggestion and something the team would love to try and implement after the launch of Daddyhunt 2.0.

When we developed the concept of "gropes" during the early days of Daddyhunt, we were trying to re-invent the grope as something playful. I completely understand how someone could find the concept off-putting, especially considering the historical context.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your suggestions with us. Keep the feedback coming!


Greetings Carl,

Glad you have jumped on-board at DaddyHunt. Welcome.

This has been a wonderful site for me!! I have met many wonderful guys and formed some great friendships. Hope that the original 'spirit' will remain with the new changes on the horizon.

I do disagree with your 'reasoning' for wanting to change "gropes".
Remember, anything that you do can and will be interpreted by 'someone' as inappropriate, offensive, insensitive, etc. Am very concerned with issues of censorship in the name of "political correctness." I for one will be "offended" and "off-put" if the spirit of this site should change. Just remember back to the early 90's when gay artists were stripped of their NEA grants for producing what was called "offensive" art by members of our government? The word "offensive" became the whitewash verbiage for "censorship". These gay artists were merely addressing the effects of AIDS on human sexuality. So I ask the question of you you believe in censorship for adults?

There is some argument to be made for treating people respectfully. I for one have developed a sense of humor over gropes and don't see any reason to have them taken away. I am not damaged or a victim as a result of 'gropes'. Why not offer choices that include gropes? We are all adults on this site, we are all responsible for our thoughts and actions and the resulting consequences.

Welcome, certainly.
One comment: how about a requirement for at least one photo ... face at least ... unless the man signing on is say in the Secret Service or is afraid a boss might discover him (now, there's pandora's box)?


We would love it if everyone on Daddyhunt wanted to submit at least one face photo and one of the reasons we require the primary photo on DH to be G-rated is to encourage people to do so. However, we recognize and understand that there are many members who simply aren't comfortable having a public photo on the site. Maybe they are in the Secret Service. Maybe they are not "out" and fear what would happen if their friends/ family members/ employers found out. Daddyhunt strives to be as inclusive as possible and also to let people use Daddyhunt in any way they wish, so long as they are treating other members with dignity and respect.

Thanks again for taking the time to write!


Maybe you should consider allowing members to block "gropes" and people who don't have a face picture (or no picture). Have the system tell the other user that the person they are messaging prefers not to be groped and prefers members who have pictures...... That can't be hard since profiles have to be approved anyway.

I support people having the option to not have a face pic but I don't like getting gropes or emails from them. What is the purpose of a "Grope" anyway? It's extremely passive aggressive. Push a button and you don't have to even type "Hello"? I hate getting grope messages almost as much as getting messages from men that don't have a picture or only have a picture of their cock.

Why do you guys get SO offended by getting gropes??? I don't get it?? It's just a gesture like any other website that offers winks or smiles or WHATEVER.... GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! Good God!!!

Thank you for your kind reply, Carl. Much appreciated ... and understood. As for the objections to gropes, I'm not sure I get why some have such strident objections. My take on gropes is that IF a man gropes me, the least he can do is unlock his private photos for me. But that's just one opinion (mine) and is obviously the choice of the "groper."
I enjoy the ease of use on this site.
Cap (grnddad1)

I agree with the fellow above who thinks "grope" is just too old-fashioned and desperate-sounding. Might just as well use "goose".
I really like the style and ease-of-use of the site, but I HATE having to label myself as a Daddy or a Hunter, especially when I am allowed to search for either. We are all HUNTERS! And "gatherers", even. But, I'd cop to Mommie Dearest about as soon as to "Daddy"; please drop the labels; leave them to SilverDaddies.


I am really happy to be member of DH, and now, waiting for the new!!......

My greater benefit is to share experiences with a lot of friends, and know about how big is the gay comunity around the world. NOW I DO NOT FEEL ALONE!, and hope to make the same with others.

I would like, you include a video section into this site, to upload more real images of ourself, being sure to separate natural videos (greetings, and public activities) from sexual content (as you do with photos).

Hugs, and my best wishes to you, and the site!


Hi Karl

Good luck with your new adventure. Seems you're open to suggestion so let me add a couple of modest ones.

I'd like it if you would do two things to the search function.

First, add a search element to let you select guys who are looking for a certain age range. Be nice to come up with people whom I know are interested in my age.

Second, add a way to save a favorite search; i.e. same boxes selected each time.

What do you think?


oops, Carl, not "Karl", sorry

When we developed the concept of "gropes" during the early days of Daddyhunt, we were trying to re-invent the grope as something playful. I completely understand how someone could find the concept off-putting, especially considering the historical <a href=>context.</a>

I for one would like the "grope" facility to be replaced by a much more genteel feature. I would suggest "the dropped handkerchief" button which could be responded to with a "pick up" button or not, according to the degree of attraction. Also the user could choose the color of the handkerchief according to preference e.g. fisting etc. Imagine those messages waiting for you 'BigmuscleboyAZ has picked up your pink hanky and torn it into shreds'. Hours of fun!

Great idea!

I'm a bit too young for the hankerchief code you allude to but I think a pink hanky means (assuming you drop it from the left rear pocket) 'I like to be humiliated'. Well done. Good idea.