To Serve Man (Openly)

December 20, 2008
Category: Politics

Editor's Note: As we get nearer to Christmas day, we thought we'd look at things to be grateful for this year and say thanks.

It might be his age -- after all the General is getting to be well into his warm daddy-ness -- or it could be his happiness to finally be looking at an administration that understands (finally) that sexual orientation has nothing to do with a person's ability to serve in the armed forces, but Colin Powell has stepped into the spotlight to openly say the the U.S. Congress should re-evaluate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

We need more leadership like this in our Country and so to you, General, we say: "Thank you, Sir!"

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Seems Ken Blackwell is yet another politician defending an existing law because it supposedly works!. He gives absolutely no critical analysis of WHAT works, no balanced reasoning. Just a goofy smile. The interviewer should have demanded answers. Could this politician answer - On what level does this law work? Works for whom? Who are the beneficiaries of this law? Who are the casualties? Does he see this law having a long term future or a use-by date?
Any politician who falls back on "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a failure. For starters he should be forced to drive a model T Ford for life.. albeit a well-maintained one. Thank you Colin Powell for opening up to progress on this issue.

I thought this blog was going to be about the old Twilight Episode, "To Serve Man," where the aliens come to earth promising to share technological ideas with Earthlings, in a book. This large volumn, offered up by "lurch" from the 'Addams family,' takes a while to get the book translated into English. While the spaceship is here, the aliens start offering humans, visits to their planet, which only takes ten minutes to get to by thier spaceship. When they eventually translate the book, the protagonist scientist has to run to the airport to stop his girlfreind who is boarding the spaceship for a preview of the future. The scientist yells through the security line, "don't get on that ship...."to serve man," its...its a COOK BOOK!" But its too late, the girl is scooped into the craft and the omenous Mr. Steiger reappears.. Its my favorite episode.
Colin Powell, is indeed a good leader, who should be a trial witness. We need to take back our country from the corporate babboons that have been running it lately, Like george son of a bush. Hold him responsible for his crimes against humanity.
There is a great book out right now, written by the former prosecuter who put away Charles Manson, it is called "The Prosecution Of George W Bush for Murder"
It lays out the whole case beautifully. Nobody should be above the law, not even the President.

Just for the sake of accuracy, Ed. The scientist is the one who is getting on the spaceship. It is his secretary that comes running to the launchpad and tells him of the book title's translation. In the final scene, he has been refusing to eat, because that will make him fat and juicy for being eaten. He succumbs, and we see him gobbling down the food that they have provided. A truly scary episode indeed! Happy Holidays!

Maybe I'm just being a stupid limey that's missed the point here, but I have to ask a question....

Why would anybody want to join the military to defend a country's right to freedom, if that country won't guarantee that soldiers freedoms?

Personally speaking, I could never pick up a gun in the name of war....picture it when they court marshall me:

Court marshall sergeant: Why didn't you shoot him, soldier?
Me: 'coz he was GORGEOUS.


Someone correct me if I am wrong here...and I might be...But As I recall, Powell was against Gays in the Military (even if he did, as he says, oppose it becoming a legislative fiat). And ALL he says here, is that the policy should be re-evaluated. He says "attitudes have changed." What exactly IS his attitude?

I'm sorry....but calling for debate on a subject is hardly cause to celebrate someone's political courage and sagacity. All of this from the man in charge of the original foray into Somalia, the man who ordered the troops to stop on the way to Baghdad during the first of Bush's wars, and the man who was either duped, or lied to us about WMD.

Again, all he says here is that we should re-evaluate the subject of Gays in the military.

Robert Kennedy's favorite quote was about the lowest circle of hell being reserved for those who, in time of great moral trial, maintained their neutrality.

Again...if he really has changed his stripes, I will be delighted to have a different opinion.