For Those Who Are Gone But Not Forgotten

December 23, 2008

Editor's Note:  It's two days from Christmas and we take a moment to remember all those men and women who are no longer with us because of the ongoing AIDS epidemic and to acknowledge these small gestures of their memory.

It may have taken 14 years to erect but New York City finally has a granite bench with a view of the Hudson.  Sure it doesn't sound like much, this little bench, but what it stands for is very special.

The inscription reads "I can sail without wind, I can row without oars, but I cannot part from my friend without tears" and that bench is New York City's AIDS Memorial.

Even though you might not be in The City That Never Sleeps take a moment to think about those who have gone, and thank NYC for their granite gesture of support.

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as a long term survivor, i count my blessings and think of those who are gone on a regular basis.

i have a memorial garden at my home, each plant named for one who is gone.

Unfortunatley, it's a big garden.


Thank you for posting this

All of us who have lived through this horror have shed many tears. Thanks for posting this.

I was young and single when AIDS came on the scene. I lost most of my friends amongst the thousands who died. It was a tragic time. I'll always hold the memory of those friends in my heart.

Thank you for this posting. My personal list is too long, including my first partner. There are days when I know how war veterans must feel--wounded, but living; scarred, but still surviving. Work for the cure, and HOPE.

Thank you!

It's a very sweet sentiment, indeed a poignant expression of mourning, but does this "AIDS memorial" anywhere say anything about AIDS? From what I see here anyone could take it regarding any loss -- and that's worthwhile, but is there any specific mention of AIDS, or is this "memorial" only intended to remind those who already know what it's about?

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