Mature Man and Poet Mark Doty Wins National Book Award

November 20, 2008
Category: The Arts

As if we needed more evidence of the power and wisdom that comes with age, 55-year-old gay poet Mark Doty has just won the 2008 National Book Award for Poetry for his collection, Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poems.

The poems in the book represent more than 20 years worth of work but in an interview about his win, Doty said it was only at this stage in his life as a mature man that he could critically put this collection together. "When I started out I did what most young poets do -- take all the poems I'd written that I could stand and put them in my first book. But more and more it's a matter of building relationships between poems, and the way that new poems get made is out of the suggestions and possibilities of what I've already done."

Sounds like a a good daddy approach to life, and one that we appreciate here at Daddyhunt.

Check out Doty's website here to learn more about him and read some of his poetry.  Doty is the author of several collections of poetry and non-fiction books.  He lives in New York City and Houston, Tx.

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Thanks for posting my good news, guys! Mark Doty

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It is a study in psychology, racism, sociology, disaster preparedness, stress coping mechanisms, and offers a microcosm of what American society may be like in the future.

Here is a link from the University of Calif., San Diego describing my ordeal:

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