Love - Love With Bjorn Borg and Two Priests

November 29, 2008

What's not to like about Björn Borg? One of the world's greatest tennis pros, a massive success as a fashion guru with his own label -- that was launched in his native Sweden with a campaign to "Fuck for the Future" -- a very serious daddy-hottie now that time has added a bit of stately definition to his boyish face, and now an international internet dating guru.

But not just any internet dating guru. Björn just launched his new site with a campaign that's pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face -- unless, that is, you happen to think a commercial featuring two priests getting married to the tagline "love for all" isn't fantastic ... or at least damned funny.

Bravo, Björn, you've shown you can serve affection and respect with grace and style.

Tags: Fashion
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I remember watching him & John McEnroe play at the 1978 US Open in Forest Hills. Never was a big fan of his methodical, mechanical game but have new respect for him as a human being. What a marvelous video. Part of a new fashion campaign I assume or am I being cynical?

Whats the deal with all the pandering to the famous on this site... who really gives a fuck what Borg does? You never see a blog featured from some ordinary but interesting man. It's a bit juvenile.

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