Democracy At Its Best

November 14, 2008
Category: Politics

The buzz from the energy and excitement of millions of new (and old) voters getting involved in the historic election of Barack Obama has barely receded and already that new found empowerment is finding its way to new uses. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to join in simultaneous protests of Proposition 8 this Saturday, November 15 in every state in the Union. It’s all being organized by Go now to see where it’s happening in your state.

We’d all love to win the battle of basic human rights while singing a happy tune and joining hands but, let’s face it, being pissed-off is what’s going to make it finally happen. If we want to get what we all deserve, it’s going to take a fight. Luckily that’s just what’s been happening: from the forced resignation of the idiot who donated a grand to the Yes on 8 campaign ( – while working for the California Musical Theatre, no less – to a move to get the Mormon Church’s tax exemption pulled ( It looks like the bigots might have succeeded in passing Prop. 8 but more importantly they’ve also awoken a powerful, and very pissed-off, queer and queer-friendly, nation.

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Thanks Daddyhunt, for your mail to all members urging them to go to a Join the Impact event today. I was already planning to go, and asking friends and family to go, but you reached a much bigger audience than I did. The rally and parade in Seattle were great. I was really moved but the Washington state legislator who introduced his partner of 18 years and said, "we've been for 18 years to get married".