Celebrities Speak out against Prop 8

November 15, 2008
Category: Politics

Prop 8 has been huge in the news this week and celebrities have been raising their voices to speak out against this blatant violation of civil rights. Keith Olbermann has the best response that I've seen to date-

Ellen reads a great quote by sexy daddy George Clooney-

Christina Aguilera speak out on MTV-

Drew Barrymore address Prop 8 protestors in West Hollywood

Still others have spoken out in different ways including Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Melissa Ethridge and Madonna. These are interesting times we're living in. With so many of us and so many of our friends out in the streets letting our voices be heard, I feel like there's a actually chance that we'll finally be treated as equals under the law.

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i would never get married, but i can totally understand what they are going through. good luck. your time will come.

The Olbermann clip is profound because it comes straight from HIS heart.

It has to since he doesn't have a mind.

Will gays and their supporters put their $ where their mouths are? Will the Academy Awards be boycotted? Will a boycott of California goods take place? Or target an industry like wine - the same way grapes were boycotted years ago. Will people stop vacationing in CA? Financial pain on those who support the ban will make them reconsider. And those of us who work in the industries affected should be willing to stand the fiscal pain.

I don't know if boycotting California is the answer. Nearly all of the money that got prop 8 passed came from out of state. 70% of the money (well over $20 million) came from the Mormon church. The law barely passed, so there's no question that it wouldn't have passed without their money. The money went to ads saying that kindergartners would be taught gay marriage, churches would lose their non-profit status if they didn't support gay marriage and other stupid lies like that. It should be illegal to have political advertisements on TV that are spreading blatant lies.

We should boycott Mormon owned companies and continue our protests in front of Mormon temples. The two biggest Mormon owned companies are Marriott and CineMark theatres.

This LA times article has a lot of info about what's going on with boycotts-

It's time to take action against the Mormon Church. Picket outside with signs saying tax the church. It would be good to do it soon because the Christmas is coming.

Remember when a woman said Obama was a Muslim and John McCain told her that Obama wasn't? What he should have said was that there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim! We have seen great strides in the past 40 years towards equality and respect for all members of our society. Hopefully LGBTs and Muslims too, will be the next to get on board the train...

I wish this much attention was given prior to the elections. I would much rather see us unite to get federal legislation for equal right of a RDP as Married people have(pension, social security, etc). Marriage is really a church decision as to whether they want to marry or not, but it is the federal laws that don't give us our civil rights.

Granted Marriage is convienent way of distributing civil rights, but let's get clear what the real issue is.

Olbermann's speech is as impassioned, sincere and intelligent as any I've heard, and truly reminiscent of of the spirit of Edward R Morrow. To claim that he lacks a mind is to claim ignorance to his brilliant work beginning at ESPN.

And I strongly disagree that the federal govt denies LGBT people their rights, for when the time comes for the courts to decide on the fate of Prop 8 and similar discriminatory measures nationwide, it is the Equal Protection Clause in our constitution that will be invoked and to push this nation forward (See Brown v. Board of Education). It is our State(s) NOT our central govt that is denying citizens their rights - that is the issue we should ALL be clear on.


This also gets to the heart of the matter....

And regardless of whether you're for "hope" or "Country first"...this matters.

Not surprising to see Hollywood characters speaking out when the camera is ready for a closeup.